10 Android Games That Can Make Mabar 2022, Guaranteed Fun!

Telset.id – Android games that can be used to play with friends are already widely available on the Google Play Store. Currently, we have summarized 10 mabar games available for Android phones.

In the past we could only play together using the same device or console in one place. Now thanks to advances in technology, you can play together online anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, the game development in smartphone also faster. Makes us able to play games more easily, directly through smart phones in our hands.

10 Android Games That Can Be Mabar

game that can stretch
Mabar game Pokemon Go (Photo: Viral Nation)

For those of you looking for Android games that can be played together with groups of friends, we have provided recommendations for the 10 best Android games that can be fun.

All the games we recommend you can play with friends. Of course playing the game will also be more exciting and crowded. Let’s just check the list below!

1. Among Us

Android game that can stretch Among Us
Among Us

The first game you can play with friends, study groups while relaxing, or family is Among Us. This game has become one of the most viral and widely played games in 2020.

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In this game, you will play to complete missions and catch criminals called impostors. However, you can also become an Impostor who is being chased by other players.

The fun will happen when you and your friends accuse each other of who is actually the impostor who killed the innocent players. But be careful, don’t make a real fuss!

2. Gartic.io

Gartic Group Games

Next up is the Gartic.io game. In this game you and your friends will play to guess the picture. Whoever is the most correct and the fastest to answer will be the winner.

You or a friend will take turns drawing a given object. Then the task is to guess the picture that matches the clue.

The fun as well as the difficulty lies in the different drawing abilities of each player. Sometimes, the pictures made are not similar to the clues given. Obviously this will make it difficult for other players to guess the picture in question.

3. Hago

Android game that can make you happy

Another Android game that can be stretched is Hago. If you are looking for a simple game that you can play online with friends or family, you can try downloading Hago on the Play Store.

Hago provides many exciting mini games that can be played together. If you are bored with one game, you can try playing another game to challenge your friends.

4. Ludo King

Ludo king group game
Ludo king

The classic ludo game can now be played on smartphone, you know! Is a game called Ludo King that you can download directly on the Google Play Store.

Just like with the traditional version, you can also play ludo with your friends. Your luck will be tested to run the pawn and put it in the box in the middle.

But watch out, your friends will also be stalking your moves and ready to thwart your victory by returning the pawns to the starting box.

5. Mobile Legends

Android game that can stretch Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legends game? This one-of-a-kind Android game has become one of the most popular games in the last few years in Indonesia.

This MOBA genre group game is very fun when played with friends. You will work hand in hand with a team to destroy the opponent’s base.

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There are many hero characters that have their respective specialties. The selection of the right heroes will also determine the course of the game.

The more compact you and your friends work together, the greater the chance to win each match.

6. Free Fire

Free Fire group games
Free Fire

Next is one of the popular battle royale games on Android and can be a means to hang out with friends, especially if it’s not Free Fire.

Just like battle royale games in general, here you are required to be the last to survive. Not only alone, you can also form a team with friends and work hand in hand to finish off your opponent.

Recently, Free Fire also presented a collaboration with the megastar Cristiano Ronaldo and the popular anime series One Punch Man.

7. Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO group game
Pokemon Go

Still remember the game that was crowded and became a phenomenon in Indonesia? Yup, this game offers fun catching Pokemon with friends.

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This game lets you and your friends explore different places to catch Pokemon. In fact, there are certain events that allow you to fight legendary Pokemon with friends and then be able to catch them.

However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, you can catch Pokemon without having to leave the house as before.

8. PUBG Mobile

Android game that can stretch PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

The next game you can play with friends is PUBG Mobile. Similar to Free Fire, this game offers a battle royale genre, where you have to survive to the last and beat your opponents.

There are various modes that can be played, such as classic, arcade, arena, playlab, and ranked arena. There are also 4 battlefields with their own characteristics, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

9. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile group game
Call of Duty Mobile

The next Android game that can expand is the Call of Duty Mobile game. This game has a similar feel to PUBG Mobile. Players will be equipped with special weapons and other sophisticated equipment games Call of Duty.

This game also offers many interesting modes, starting from Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Free for All, and the latest is Zombie mode.

These various modes can be played on folder popular in franchise Call of Duty, such as Nuketown, Crash, Hijacked and others.

10. Life After

Android game that can stretch Life After
Life After

Finally, there is the Life After game that carries genre MMORPG. Games it comes with a zombie theme, have gameplay quite fun and can be played together.

In games made by NetEase, we will be invited to survive in the midst of a zombie outbreak. In addition to surviving the onslaught of zombies, here you will be able to build a house as a place to live.

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The fun thing is, you can join forces with other players to build a settlement and together survive, make weapons, exchange food ingredients, and so on.

So, those are 10 games that you can make friends with. So, what game do you want to start with, friend? (HR/MF)