10 Best Instagram Video Download Apps for Android

dukcapilmakassar.co.id – Instagram does not provide a direct content (photo and video) download feature. Luckily, there are plenty of Instagram video download apps for Android that you can use. The application is able to download, store, and secure content on Instagram.

Instagram itself is a social media with a growing number of users. Of course there, you will find a variety of interesting content that can not be forgotten. The Instagram Video Download application does not only have the function of downloading videos and photos on Instagram.

The Instagram Video Download application is also equipped with other features, including share and repost features. With these extra features, you not only benefit from downloading content but also benefit from the social media features. Free Instagram content download app for you to use.

List of Best Instagram Video Download Apps for Android

The great benefit of the Instagram Video Download Application apart from saving content is that it allows users to access the content offline. Because it’s offline, you don’t need to use an internet data package every time you want to view IG photos/videos. Cost savings are becoming a real thing.

Here is a list of the best and recommended Instagram video download applications for Android.

1. Instore


Instore is an Instagram Video Downloader Application. Through this application, you can save videos, statuses, IG stories, and of course photos published on Instagram. Instore is equipped with several tools that make it included in the ranks of the best content download applications for IG on Android.

The best tools available in Instore are Story Saver, Collage Maker, Caption Generator, Hashtag Generator, and DP Downloader. Through Instore, you can easily save photos and videos in HD resolution. This Instagram Video Download application even provides fast download speeds (according to your internet).

With the above features, the quality of the videos and photos you save will not experience any changes. Photo and video repost feature is also available. Instore is a free application to use and does not require login. Instore works well on Android and guaranteed not to make the phone heavy and slow.

2. FastSave


The next best Instagram video download application for Android is FastSave. FastSave is actually an application that is able to save content from various sites. So, you can use this application to save content from other social media platforms and other public sites.

FastSave is equipped with an Easy Browse feature where you can find the site or photo/video you are looking for with a URL. Later, the photo or video that you want to download can be taken directly there. FastSave features multiple photo and video downloads, saving you time.

The quality of the captured images and videos is not reduced. You can use FastSave to repost or share. The download speed provided by FastSave is fast. This application is able to work lightly and quickly. The design and UI of this application is also easy on the eyes.

3. QuickSave for Instagram

QuickSave for Instagram

QuickSave is an application that you can use for free and is capable of saving content including Instagram videos to your Android device. This Instagram Video Download application is also equipped with repost and share features. QuickSave is an easy-to-use application with a fast download process.

This Instagram Video Download application provides a quality download settings menu. QuickSave provides the facility to download multiple content in one click. If you don’t know how to download, there is a text guide available. A demo video of downloading photos/videos is also available on QuickSave.

This application allows you to fully capture unforgettable Instagram moments or videos without having to always use the internet to access them. Apart from saving photos and videos, QuickSave also provides photo editing features that are sure to increase the value of this app.

4. Regrann


Repost for Instagram – Regrann or famously, Regrann is one of the best Instagram video download applications that is very simple. You don’t need to leave Instagram to be able to repost content. This Regrann app is 100% free to use without any requirements.

One of the most liked features of Regrann is that you can repost videos and photos without the need to add a watermark. This is certainly something that deserves appreciation. To download videos and photos, Regrann provides download facilities without losing the original quality.

To use this application, you don’t need any login requirements. This application is for Instagram to repost content. For the download speed itself, Regrann does provide high speed. You can rely on this application to download Instagram videos.

5. Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram is an Instagram Video Download Application that is right for those of you who do have activities to repost and save content on Instagram in frequent intensity. Through this application, you can download photos and videos quickly, easily, and of course 100% free.

To download content, all you need to do is copy the link. Then, from the link, you can download directly through this application. The same applies to reposts and shares where you only need to tap the Share menu button to the desired Instagram account.

Video Downloader for Instagram is a great choice if you really want a tool to save photos and videos fast, unlimited and free. This app saves IG stories with the status saver feature. The content you download from Instagram will be directly stored in the HP gallery.

6. Story Saver

Story Saver

The Instagram Story Saver video download application will help you save videos, photos, IG stories, and Instagram reels easily and quickly. This app features a 3-in-1 downloader for Instagram. You can save anyone’s Instagram Stories. You can save videos on IG in the gallery.

Insta Reel Downloader is also available. You can get all these download features in just a few steps. You only need to copy the Instagram content link that you will download. Continue by opening the Story Saver application, then the content will be downloaded.

In addition to downloading one by one, you can also download ig videos and stories in large quantities only once. All you need to do is copy the IG profile link and this application will complete the download process for all existing contacts. Story Saver 100% free application.

7. Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram provides an easy and fast download method. You can download Instagram photos and videos in just 2 steps. First, you copy the IG content link to be downloaded. Then copy the link in this app. In a short time, IG content is stored on the cellphone.

You can also rely on this Instagram Video Download application to make hassles and download Instagram reels. With the powerful share and repost features, it will be easier for you to share interesting content with those closest to you. With the video player, you can also play videos offline.

Downloader for Instagram is an application that is prioritized for personal use. This app is completely free to use and does not require any registration. Apart from Instagram, this application is also able to download content from various leading social media platforms (FB, Twitter, etc.).

8. Video Downloader (InShot)

Video Downloader (InShot)

Instagram video download app from InShot Inc. You can rely on this to save videos on IG so that they can be accessed offline. The Instagram Video Download application itself is not actually a specific Instagram content download application. Better yet, this app is capable of downloading videos/music from the internet.

With the Instagram Video Download Application, you can save videos and music in various formats. The good thing is, you can do it for free. Video Downloader will detect the video, then you can download it in one click. A powerful downloader application of course.

Video Downloader from InShot is able to work in a variety of web browsers. In addition, this application is also able to run videos from the application. Support for various audio and video formats is clearly available. This application is suitable for downloading videos and music on the internet with an Android cellphone.

9. Video Downloader for IG

Video Downloader for IG

How to use Video Downloader for IG is very easy. You only need to install this application first. Open IG and search for the video content you want to download. Just copy the link from the video. Proceed by opening the pre-installed Video Downloader for IG application.

The application will take over and perform its obligations. In seconds or minutes, the IG video is already stored on your cellphone. In addition to providing video and photo download features, this application also provides a repost and share feature that will make it easier for you to share cool content.

Video Downloader for IG is a quality Instagram Video Downloader App that gets a lot of positive reviews. This Instagram Video Downloader app is easy to use and completely free to use. All downloading activities that you do through this application can be done freely and without any conditions.

10. Saver Reposter for Instagram

Saver Reposter for Instagram

Compared to previous applications, Saver Reposter for Instagram is not that well-known. However, you should not doubt the quality and features in it. This application is also considered to have an IG content download mechanism that is very easy, fast, free, no registration required, and unlimited.

You only need to display the Share URL of the Instagram content that will be downloaded. Then, you just tap on the Saver icon that appears in the Notification bar. Next, you need to choose where the photos, videos, and content will be stored. In a short time the content is already in the HP gallery.

Saver Reposter for Instagram claims to be the first app to give you the ability to copy post descriptions. Another claim of this app is that it is the first to be able to copy hashtags from post descriptions or copy descriptions without hashtags. This application is light to use on HP.

The Instagram video download application above is a recommendation that you can use. You can choose one of the applications above to use. You can also see the criteria and features in the application to be used as a reference when choosing the best Instagram content download application.