10 Free Online Novel Reading Applications, Lots of Fun Stories!

Telset.id – Reading novels has now become more practical, because it can be done via a smartphone. In this case, through a free online novel reading application that offers many exciting stories. In addition, the free novel reading application can also be read offline so that it saves more on quota.

Previously, some of us might rely on thick books when reading novels. But now there is an online novel reading application, which allows us to enjoy novel stories via smartphones or tablets, anywhere and anytime.

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This method tends to be more practical, because we don’t have to bother carrying books everywhere. In addition, reading through the application is also cheap because novels can be read for free and even offline.

Well, for novel lovers, here we will provide recommendations for 10 free online novel reading applications that can be downloaded.

1. Wattpad

free online novel reading app

This online novel reading application is very well known among novel lovers. Through Wattpad, we can easily access hundreds of novel titles from romantic, comedy to horror genres.

The advantage of Wattpad is that it has a large collection of novels from various well-known authors. Besides that, we can also make our own novels and publish them via Wattpad.

2. Storial.co

novel reading app

Storial.co is also an online novel reading application that can be downloaded. At Storial.co there are many novels with exciting stories with a choice of up to 40 genres. Next there is the Share Quote feature, where we can share novel quotes to social media such as Instagram.

In addition, there is also the AudioStory feature, which is able to read stories in novels and provides premium services at affordable prices.

3. NovelPlus

NovelPlus app

NovelPlus provides a new experience in enjoying novels. This free online novel application not only provides free and unlimited access to various interesting novels.

However, we can discuss with other readers as well as novel writers to exchange ideas about novel works. Another interesting thing is that we can publish our own novels for free so that many NovelPlus users can read them.

4. 50,000 Books & Audiobooks

books app
50,000 Books & Audiobooks

As the name implies, this application provides 50 thousand books and audiobooks that can be accessed for free. In the application, there are also various classic works from famous writers such as Sherlock Holmes, Dorian Gret, Hamlet and so on.

All collections of books in the application use English, so we can read novels as well as practice English skills.

5. NovelToon

NovelToon app

This application is intended for readers from among teenagers, because the majority of stories are romantic and comedy themed. Through NovelToon, we can read our favorite novels offline to save more on quota.

This free offline novel reading application also provides a discussion feature so that we can discuss with other readers and novelists about the novel being read.

6. Joyladas

Joylada app

Joylada provides an interesting feature where the sentence display in the novel will be shaped like a chat in a short message application. That way we don’t feel like reading a novel, but listening to a close friend’s story.

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Moreover, in the online novel reading application, there are thousands of writers and active readers, so that we can read novels while adding friends. Not to be missed in the application, there are many exciting novels that are a pity to miss.

7. Hinovel


Lovers of novels with romantic stories seem obliged to download this application. Not only that, Hinovel also provides various other genres such as comedy, horror to metropolitan.

The advantage of Hinovel is that it provides free coins, which can be collected if you do some special missions. Later the coins can be exchanged for several rewards available in the application.

8. WeRead

online novel reading app

WeRead provides a wide selection of free novels from hundreds of well-known authors. Then in this free online novel application, it also provides various translated novels from foreign writers.

The novel collection is also quite updated so that we don’t miss the latest novels that have just been released. There are also attractive prizes that can be obtained if you do daily tasks in the application.

9. GoodNovel


This application provides a complete collection of novels with various genres. Starting from romance, mystery, fantasy, western stories, sci-fi, and fan-fic everything can be read for free.

In addition, the appearance of the cover of the novel is also very attractive, so that it makes the reader’s imagination more alive. GoodNovel also has a lot of great writers launching new novels on the app.

10. Tell

novel reading app

The last one is Baisah. The interesting aspect of this application is that we can save our favorite novels in one account. That way, if you want to read a novel, you just need to open the collection shelf without having to look for it again in the search column.

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The novels are also diverse so you won’t get bored.

Okay, that was complete information about 10 free online novel reading applications. Please download your favorite application, and happy reading novels via smartphone!