10 Male K-Pop Idols Who Star in Other Artist’s MVs

When announcing a new song, K-Pop musicians will usually prepare a music video that is in sync with the song that is ready to be released. To convey the meaning of the lyrics contained in the song, generally they will work with professional actors and models.

In some circumstances, KPop musicians may choose to star in their own music videos. This does not rule out the possibility that K-Pop musicians can also attract other K-Pop idols as stars in their music videos, such as the following idols.

1. Appearing in the group leader’s “60 Sec” MV, Infinite’s L plays the role of someone who can see another timeline for 60 seconds


2. Even though he initially refused, Day6’s Wonpil eventually became Ahn Ji Young’s lover in BOL4’s “Dancing Cartoon” MV


3. Full of twists and turns, the love story of EXO’s Xiumin and Kim Yoo Jung ended tragically in the MV “Gone” by soloist Jin


4. Failed to move on, Chanyeol EXO finally got back with his girlfriend in the MV “You don’t know love” sung by K.Will


5. In Huh Gak’s “Only You” MV, Ong Seung Wu managed to express his sadness due to his broken heart very nicely


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6. Being the idol of girls, Kim Jae Hwan made Momoland members nervous and frozen in the MV “Freeze”


7. Remembering ex and past memories, Kang Daniel radiates sadness and loneliness in the MV “Days Without You” by the duo Davichi


8. Annoying, Yoo Seon Ho shows a cute charm when caring for a puppy belonging to his lover in the MV “Pet” sung by 10cm


9. Tells the story of lovers who were once happy together, 2PM’s Junho collided with Kim So Hyun in the MV “No Good in Good Bye” from 2AM


10. Because of candy, Hyungwon Monsta X succeeded in making a misunderstanding in the MV for K.will’s song “You call it romance”


A number of K-Pop idols above have shown their expertise in playing various characters. With a beautiful melody and impressive storyline, the music video is able to attract the attention of music lovers. This success certainly deserves more appreciation, right?

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