10 Most Expensive Skins in Mobile Legends (ML) 2022

ML’s Most Expensive Skin or Mobile Legends is enough. The average price for the most expensive skin in Mobile Legends can currently penetrate millions of rupiah for just one skin. MOBA games like Mobile Legends are indeed very mandatory to provide skins for their heroes.

Well, in this discussion, Dafunda Game, will discuss the 10 most expensive skins in Mobile Legends in 2022. Curious about the discussion? Come on, let’s see the full review below.

10 Most Expensive ML Skins in 2022

1. Skin Legends Valir – Infernal Blaze

Infernal Blaze Valir
Infernal Blaze Valir | Moonton

The first most expensive skin in Mobile Legends is a skin belonging to Valir named Infernal Blaze. This skin is the Legend Valir Skin which was released last October 2021 by Moonton. In this skin, the changes from Valir are very striking. Where he turned into a scary red monster.

To be able to get the skin, at least we need to spend more than IDR 3 million using the gacha system. If you have bad luck, it is possible that the costs incurred to buy the skin will be even more expensive.

2. Skin Collector Harley – Dream Caster

Dream Caster Harley
Dream Caster Harley | Moonton

Still from the Skin Collector, the next for the third most expensive ML skin is a skin from Harley called Dream Caster. This skin was released by Moonton in October 2021. Like other Collector Skins, this Harley Collector skin has a color combination of blue, gold, and purple.

Moonton himself fixes the price of the skin with range prices in the range of Rp. 2-3 million. The appearance of the Collector Harley skin can only be obtained at an event called the Grand Collection Event.

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3. Skin Collector Aldous – Realm Watcher

Realm Watcher Aldous
Realm Watcher Aldous | Moonton

The third most expensive skin in ML is the Skin Collector from Aldous, Realm Watcher. This skin was released in September 2021 by Moonton. The appearance of the Skin Collector Aldous is very charming with a golden color that reflects a luxury.

The money you need to spend in order to get this Skin Collector Aldous is in the range of IDR 2-3 million. Of course, with range In our opinion, this price is equivalent to this Skin Collector Aldous with a luxurious and so charming appearance.

4. Skin Collector Balmond – God of Mountains

God of Mountain Balmond
God of Mountain Balmond

Next there is a Balmond Skin Collector named God of Mountains. This Balmod skin was released by Moonton in August 2021. Because it is a Skin Collector, this Balmond skin has a very expensive price. You need to spend as much as IDR 2-3 million more to get it.

‘But, the price is very commensurate with what you will get. This Balmond Collector Skin has a very cool appearance with various additional animation effects that are so epic.

5. Skin Collector Nana – Aqua Pura

Aqua Pura Nana
Aqua Pura Nana | Moonton

The fifth most expensive skin in ML 2022 is the Skin Collector belonging to the cute Mage hero, Nana. Nana’s Skin Collector is named Aqua Pura. This skin has a very cute appearance, where Nana has big ears like a rabbit with two dominant colors, blue and gold.

This skin has been around since December 2021. To get this Nana skin, you need to spend up to IDR 2-3 million more. Well, only after that, you can use the Skin in Mobile Legends.

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6. Skin X-Borg ML x Transformers – Bumblebee

Bumblebee XX Borg
Bumblebee x X-Borg| Moonton

When entering in mid-2021, Mobile Legends collaborated with one of the franchise Robot film that is so popular is Transformers. Well, in this collaboration, Moonton presents a lot of collaboration skins. One of them is the Bumblebee Skin for the X-Borg hero.

This X-Borg Bumblebee skin was launched by Moonton in August 2021. For the price itself, this skin is priced at more than Rp. 2 million. However, don’t worry, you will get a special Transformers-themed skin that is so epic and cool.

7. Skin Collector Hanabi – Riverland Phoenix

Riverland Phoenix
Riverland Phoenix Hanabi | Moonton

Furthermore, for the most expensive skin in ML 2022, in ninth place there is Hanabi’s Skin Collector named Riverland Phoenix. This skin was just released by Moonton in January 2022. In this skin, Hanabi looks so beautiful in a costume with a combination of three colors, namely blue, gold, and white.

To be able to get this Skin Collector from Hanabi, you need to spend as much as IDR 1-2 million. Even though it’s quite expensive, the taste is enough worth it if you buy it.

8. Skin Collector Zilong – Empyrean Paladin

Ml's Most Expensive Skin
Empyrean Paladin | Moonton

ML’s next most expensive skin was released in February 2022, namely Zilong’s Skin Collector, Empyrean Paladin. On this skin, Zilong looks so dashing and handsome in an ancient Chinese costume. In addition, Zilong’s spear has a golden color that is so beautiful.

The price of the Zilong Skin Collector is in the price range of more than IDR 1-2 million. With this price, you will get a lot of advantages from this Zilong Skin, especially the animation effects which are very cool.

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9. Skin The Aspirants Layla – Miss Hikari

The Most Expensive Skin Ml 1
Miss Hikari | Moonton

At the beginning of 2022, Moonton made a surprise by releasing their latest anime-themed skin with the title The Aspirants. The Aspirant skin targets two heroes, namely Fanny and Layla. Well, Layla’s skin, Miss Hikari, is included in the most expensive skin in ML 2022.

Having a very ‘anime’ appearance, with cool animation effects makes Moonton fix the price of this Layla Skin at a price of more than Rp. 1 million. However, that’s also what you can get in one gacha. However, if you are unlucky, you can spend more than IDR 2 million to get it.

10. The Aspirants Fanny Skin – Blade of Kibo

The Most Expensive Skin Ml 2
Blade of Kibo | Moonton

There is one other The Aspirants skin which is also included in the most expensive ML skin category, namely a skin from Fanny called Blade of Kibo. In this skin, Fanny has the appearance of a tomboyish girl with brownish orange hair tied up. Don’t forget that he also carries a sword weapon complete with a cord.

You can get this Fanny The Aspirants skin for around IDR 1 million in one gacha. However, if your luck is not good, just like Layla’s Skin The Aspirants, you can pour more than one million rupiah.

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