10-year-old boy diagnosed with Prader Willi syndrome, makes him eat constantly without wanting to stop

Suara.com – A boy named David Soo (10) from Singapore was diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome, a genetic condition that makes him always feel hungry, no matter how much he eats.

The condition is caused by the loss of function of genes in certain regions of chromosome 15, and is incurable.

Living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is tough, especially for people who care for the sufferer.

The action that needs to be taken is to make sure the sufferer does not overeat to the point of threatening life.

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There are many impacts of PWS, one of which is morbid obesity.

Child obesity.  (Shutterstock)
Child obesity. (Shutterstock)

The medical literature notes that many cases of PWS sufferers experience tearing in the intestines due to an unnatural amount of food. In fact, some suffer from gastric necrosis.

Other complications of this condition are severe bloating and decreased gastric emptying, reports Oddity Central.

Rare Diseases reports that PWS is an urge to overeat so that people with the disorder, if left unattended, can harm themselves.

People with this condition can also eat rotten or junk food in excessive quantities, and this is harmful to the stomach.

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Children with PWS may also exhibit unusual food-related behaviors, such as hoarding or foraging for food, stealing food, and stealing money to buy food.

In David Soo’s case, the family tried so hard to control his weight that they locked the kitchen door to make sure he didn’t overeat.

They also set a very specific schedule for David, so he knows exactly when it’s time to eat, or when he’s just going to have a snack.

As long as David’s weight is under control, his life expectancy and quality of life will be the same as that of a normal person. However, the problem is he has to face the urge to eat constantly for the rest of his life.