11 Recommended Songs from Jungkook BTS, Make Me Time Friends

After joining Instagram on December 6 last year, Jungkook seems to have gotten used to the features of this photo-sharing site. Maknae This BTS is actively sharing content with its 33 million followers. Feedit is decorated with selfies and pet portraits. ARMYs are also made to fall in love with boxing training videos, song covers, and dance cover that Jungkook uploaded.

Not only that, the singer of “Stay Alive” often shares playlistsher in InstaStory. Farewell-themed songs, both in Korean and English, are currently being loved idol from Busan. Some of his recommendations are also suitable to be listened to during me time, you know. Check out the song list below, come on!


1. If you just got back with your partner, try listening to Justin Park’s voice when he sings “On the Low”, it’s perfect for you to play when you remember him


2. “Roses” tells the sweet love of monkeys. Singed by Finn Askew, thanks to the repeated lyrics, this R&B and indie song is really easy to remember


3. In the song “too many feelings”, Ruel tries to express that a love relationship that is knitted without honesty and trust will end in regret. You agree?


4. Need distance but hard to express? You can play the “Space” brought by Audrey Nuna to voice your heart’s content, here


5. Remembering the good times when you were with your ex is not forbidden. To make you feel more, you can play “Even Days” while singing along with O3ohn


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Editor’s picks

6. Can be added to the wedding playlist, “Never Change” tells the story of timeless love. Everyone’s hope, here!


7. “It Takes Two” contains a confession about longing for a lover. The song, sung by Fiji Blue, has a video clip interspersed with silly scenes. Come on, hurry up and watch!


8. With a mix of indie and lo-fi nuances, through “Toxic” BoyWithUke invites us to dive into bad friendships


9. Growing up is a process. Sometimes you’re chasing the wrong thing all along. That’s what Lauv conveyed through “26”


10. Telling the story of moving on, “Superstar” gives encouragement to keep moving forward and not worrying about the past


11.Through “Love on the Weekend”, Aria Ohlsson sent a signal not to be too busy. Don’t let yourself neglect yourself in a romantic relationship!


Through the 11 song recommendations above, it is proven that Jungkook BTS likes songs with varied genres and themes. Hopefully your me time will be more quality thanks to the song recommendations from the singer of “Euphoria”.

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