12 Best Online Doctor Applications 2022, Get Free Health Consultations!

Telset.id – In this millennial era, almost everything uses an application, including a free online doctor consultation application. Now, all you have to do is use the doctor app on line from smartphone and can chat via the doctor’s check application to get a consultation on symptoms of the disease.

So, for early diagnosis, they don’t need to rush to the clinic or hospital. Just rely on smartphonethe public can immediately consult a professional and trusted doctor.

Well, now there are many applications present smartphone which makes it easier for users to consult on line with the doctor.

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Therefore, team Telset will summarize 10 doctor applications that you can use to consult a professional doctor. There anything? Check out the list of free doctor chat applications below:

1. Hellodoc

free online doctor consultation hellodoc

Halodoc is an application for consulting doctors online on line. Through this application, you can consult with licensed doctors in Indonesia.

Consultation is available 24 hours. You can consult via online doctor chat. After consulting, the relevant doctor can also prescribe medication according to the diagnosis of the disease being complained of.

Later, the prescription can be seen by you, and you can buy the medicine provided. Then, the medicine will be sent directly to your home.

Halodoc also provides lab testing services. The results of this lab will be sent directly via notification to smartphone.

Downloads: Android | iOS

2. YesDok

free online doctor consultation Yesdok

YesDok offers convenience to get doctor consultation services online on line quickly, easily and reliably. This application has also collaborated with doctor partners registered with the Indonesian Medical Council

Through the YesDok application, you can consult with your chosen doctor in various ways, either via email chatphone, until video call for 24 hours. YesDok is also the only doctor’s check application that provides 24-hour video calls with doctors.

After the consultation, you will get a drug prescription. YesDok also provides a drug delivery service to your home.

Interestingly, you can consult a doctor for free. The trick is, simply by reading the health articles available on YesDok, then you will get points which can later be exchanged for free consultations. Fun, right?!

Downloads: Android | iOS

3. ClickDoctor

free online doctor consultation

Before serving via the application, Klikdokter has been present in the form of website since 2008. As technology advances, this application develops its services to provide consulting on line.

You can consult with doctors who are available 24 hours through the features live chat. KlikDokter also provides a Topic Chat feature which contains a variety of different health topics every day.

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There are many articles on health topics provided in the application. This article can be considered valid, because it was written directly by an expert doctor in the field.

There are a number of mainstay features in it. One of them is a feature in the form of a fertility calendar which is intended to predict the fertile date. There is also a pregnancy calendar that can help mothers in knowing the development of the fetus and so on.

Downloads: Android | iOS

4. Alodokter

Doctor App

This application is quite interesting, because Alodokter got the “Editors’ Choice” label from the Google Play Store. Alodokter provides doctor consultation services on line 24 hours free and provide disease diagnosis and initial treatment.

Doctor partners available for consultation at Alodokter services are doctors who have been certified and are members of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

Alodokter also provides various articles that discuss health-related topics. Not to forget, there is a health protection service called Proteksi Alodokter.

Downloads: Android | iOS

5. Go-Dok

Doctor App

Go-Dok is one of the services you can rely on for consultation on line with the doctor. In addition, the free online doctor consultation application also provides a variety of health-related information that can be accessed quickly, easily, and reliably.

Through the Ask a Doctor application feature, you can consult with various health problems. The doctor on duty in the application is also a doctor who has been registered with IDI.

What’s interesting, you can choose your favorite doctor through the Choose Doctor feature. Then, there are various articles and videos that discuss the medical world, diseases, medicines, health tips, lifestyle, and parenting and family.

Downloads: Android

6. HealthyPedia

Doctor app

The next doctor application that you can try is SehatPedia. As the name implies, this application made by the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health provides consulting services to doctors, where you can get various health information, diseases, and information on health care facilities accurately and free of charge.

How to use this free doctor consultation application is very easy. First, you are asked to register first. If so, you can immediately take advantage of health consulting services via live chat or direct conversation with the doctor you want, either a general practitioner or a specialist.

Downloads: Android

7. MrDoc

Doctor App

Pakdok is a “virtual doctor” service that provides health consultation and referral services 24 hours non-stop via an application for free. Doctors who provide services on the PakDok application already have a Practice Permit from the Regional Government Health Office.

This doctor application also provides reliable medical information, electronic medical record data through consultation results on linethe results of visits to clinic facilities, as well as medical data that you upload independently.

Downloads: Android | iOS

8. HealthyQ

Doctor App

The next doctor’s application is SehatQ, which offers a variety of health information services. There are two features that are most popular and become user favorites, namely the Doctor Booking feature and Doctor Chat.

This Health application also has a database of disease names and their drugs. You can also follow health forums to do questions and answers. In addition, you can also get information on the nearest health service, because this application will provide recommendations.

Downloads: Android

9. ProHealth

Doctor App

ProSehat is an online doctor application that not only provides consulting services, but also calls doctors home easily and quickly. Currently the service area covers the areas of Jakarta, Tangerang, Serpong, Depok, Bekasi, Bogor and others.

Not only that, through this online doctor application, you can also call physiotherapy at home, purchase healthy food, medical devices, multivitamins, to herbal medicine and so on.

Downloads: Android

10. Pulse

Doctor app

Pulse is an AI-based online health application that offers holistic health management. For example, the Check Disease Symptoms feature. The feature is a chat service or chat that analyzes the user’s initial input and asks them questions.

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Supported by AI technology, these features will guide users to the appropriate health services based on the symptoms of the disease and offer more information about the cause.

Other features in this application made by Prudential Indonesia include Talking to Doctors, Health Checks and Consultation History. There is also PRU Service, which is a service for Pulse users who are also Prudential Indonesia policy holders.

Downloads: Android

11. Diabetes Doctor

Diabetes Doctor

Slightly different from the previous doctor’s check application, Doctor Diabetes is a free online doctor consultation application that specifically serves diabetics. Here users will connect with specialist doctors and nutritionists everywhere.

This online doctor application is presented to make it easier for diabetics and caregivers to find information about diabetes. There are several advantages of this application, such as consultations with general practitioners, specialists, and nutritionists at no cost.

Another plus, users will get references to healthy prescription drugs for diabetics, calculate and monitor the amount of carbohydrates needed by the body, as well as record and monitor blood glucose levels as well as the body’s ideal weight.

12. What’s My Pain (SOLVED)

What's My Pain

The next online doctor application is ApaSakitKu (ASK). As the name implies, this free doctor check application is able to detect possible diseases based on the symptoms a person feels.

Through ASK, every user of this application will be given a warning if the disease they are suffering from is a disease that has entered the critical category, and it is recommended that they must be immediately taken to the hospital.

This doctor’s check application also features features: chat for free online doctor consultation. But please note, this application only helps to provide adequate health information to each user, not check directly.

Well, What do you think? Are you a user of any of the above applications? (HLM/FHP)