12 Cheats Diamond FF Original APK Free Latest Download 2022

Cheat Diamond FF – Garena Free Fire is indeed still one of the most popular Battle Royale games around the world, especially in Indonesia.

There have been so many who have played this one game, from children, teenagers, to adults who have also played this Battle Royale game.

With the popularity of this one game, it is none other than because it has an elegant appearance and is fun to play.

In this Free Fire game, there are also lots of interesting items and skins such as Bundles, emotes, weapon skins, characters, parachutes and many others.

But as we know that to have cool and interesting skins in the free fire game, we have to buy a diamond to be able to buy various skins and other items in the Free Fire game.

The price of a FF diamond is quite expensive, so there are not a few survivors who are unable to top up due to low economic reasons.

That way, the survivors are looking for an alternative way to get diamond free fire by using the Original Free Diamond FF Apk Cheat method which we will share below.

Diamond FF Cheat Review

12 Cheats Diamond FF Original APK Free Latest Download 2022

Cheat Diamond FF is an apk developed by a third party to get a game free FF diamonds need to top up first.

Of course, diamonds are one of the tools to buy all the cool items to be used as a collection for the players.

Maybe some of you are survivors who have seen several Sultan’s Free Fire accounts by having lots of interesting and cool premium skins like Budi Gaming and other top Free Fire players.

But now you will be able to easily get Diamond Free Fire by using the Diamond FF Mod Cheat Apk.

For those of you who are currently looking for a diamond ff cheat application, you are in the right place.

Because admin idlegal.id will share some Cheat Diamond FF applications, to find out the details, please you can immediately see this review until it’s finished.

Newest Genuine Free FF Diamond Cheats 2022

12 Cheats Diamond FF Original APK Free Latest Download 2022

Actually there are lots of FF cheats that you can use and they are certainly very beneficial for the users, besides being able to cheat diamond ff, of course there are many other cheats with advanced features in them such as Auto Headshot, Auto aim, through walls and so on.

If you are curious about the Diamond FF hack application, please see the full details below.

1. FF Mod Apk

An apk that can get an unlimited number of free fire diamonds for free is by using FF Mod Apk.

Interestingly, this mod version makes it easier to get Booyah or victory in the free fire game.

This is of course thanks to the presence of the auto headshot, no recoil and auto aim features embedded in the free fire mod.

2. Hacker Dark VIP

The next cheat diamond ff apk that you can use for free is dark vip hacker which is currently so popular among survivors.

Actually this free fire apk functions to restore ff accounts that have been hacked by other people or irresponsible parties.

But not a few also use dark hackers to hack accounts and also to get ff diamonds for free.

3. Rewardff2022 com

If you are more interested in the ff generator site, there is nothing wrong if you use rewardff2022 com who can get diamonds for free.

Interestingly, the site also provides various items in the free fire game for free, ranging from skin bundles, weapons and so on.

Meanwhile, using rewardff2022.com is very easy, you only need to enter your respective free fire account ID.

4. Sensi Capa Free Fire

Sensi Capa FF can be trusted to be able to get auto Headshot very easily in its use.

But you need to know because this feature is only a sensi auto headshot, it will be safe to install on the Android phone that is used.

In addition, reportedly this ff menu mod can also be used for unlimited original ff diamond cheats.

5. Antenna View Cheats

This Antenna View went viral a few years ago because many have used this Antenna View, starting with Nime streamers, and also FB gaming streamers who play with the help of this cheat that will connect with the enemy.

As the name suggests, even though it looks like Antenna, this cheat is the most feared by many players.

6. Regedit VIP FF

Next you can use to get diamond ff for free by using a cheat called Rgidit.

This regedit apk can be trusted to be able to produce very large amounts of Diamond FF without having to make a purchase first.

7. Hack Novuz FF

Finally, the Nozuz FF hack, this Apk can be trusted to be able to make quite a lot of money for its users to buy all premium items in the Free Fire game.

The Nozuz FF hack is currently still one of the original no-guile FF diamond FF apk cheat applications that many survivors have used.

Download Cheat Diamond FF APK Original No Tipu

12 Cheats Diamond FF Original APK Free Latest Download 2022

Actually there are lots of apks that you can do to be able to get FF diamonds for free and an unlimited number. Please you can see the tool below:

1. Freed VIP Hack Diamond FF

First you can use the Freed VIP site to be able to get a large number of FF Diamonds. This Freed VIP site was popular and can be trusted to get unlimited Diamonds.

But this one diamond ff cheat site is not active even today.

As for how to use the Freed VIP site, you can say it’s very easy, therefore you can see the method below:

  • First, please visit the official Freed VIP website.
  • If so, then please enter your account ID and username.
  • Then you will be able to start to spin fortune or SPIN
  • If you get lucky, then you will get the main prize worth 300K Diamonds for free.

2. Flob Fun Free Fire

Then you can use the Flob Fun Fire site to get a large number of FF Diamonds.

Actually, Flob Fun Fire is the same as Freed VIP where you can claim an unlimited number of free FF Diamonds.

As for how to use Flob Fun Fire, it’s very simple and easy, because you just copy and paste the ID and follow methods such as Verification and you can also add Diamond FF through Cheats without having to pay a penny.

3. Rone Space FF

Rone Space can be trusted to be able to get a diamond very easily and a fairly large amount.

For how to get diamonds through the Rone Space, you can see in full below:

  • First, make sure you have installed the Rone application.
  • If so, please enter the Rone application.
  • Then you are asked to enter the nominal Diamond you want to take.
  • Don’t forget to enter your FF ID so that the Diamond can enter your respective account.

4. Pures ICU Fire

The next thing you can do to get diamonds is through Pures ICU Fire. ICU FF was once included in the free Diamond-producing application class.

For how to use this FF ICU, you have to enter the FF account ID number that you have into the column provided.

In addition, you can also pass Human Verification by following methods such as downloading games, answering surveys, and winning games.

5. Script 10000 Diamond FF

The 8400 script can be trusted to produce diamonds for free and a fairly large number.

If you use the diamond ff apk 10000 cheat script, you can get a sultan account directly in the short term but only for 1 day.

For how to get a diamond using the script 10000, you fill in the file Internal>android>data>com.dts.freefireth/files/contentcache/temp/android/singlethread/compulsorys.

Automatically when you open the game, you will get a diamond of 10,000.

But if you use a help application, you need to extract the file using the Zarchiver application which you can get on the Google Play Store.

Download Cheat Diamond FF 99,999 APK

12 Cheats Diamond FF Original APK Free Latest Download 2022

For those of you who are currently looking for the latest original Diamond FF Cheat application, please you can directly download it below for free and safe for the Android phone you are using.

NameCheats Diamond FF Apk
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Root SystemNo need

If we look at the specifications above, the original diamond ff apk script has a very small file size so its use will not burden the performance of the phone itself.

In addition, the use of this ff cheat apk can be done on lower-middle class phones but must have a version above 4.1+ in order to support it.

How to Install the Diamond FF Cheat Apk

12 Cheats Diamond FF Original APK Free Latest Download 2022

If you have downloaded the diamond ff cheat apk that we have shared above, then the next step, please do the installation process on the cellphones that you use, respectively.

If you are confused about how to install the diamond ff cheat apk script, please, you can follow the steps below properly and correctly:

  • First, download the diamond ff hack apk that we have shared above.
  • If so, open the downloaded file.
  • Then do Install the apk.
  • If an Unknown Source warning appears, then please just activate it.
  • Go to settings and open the privacy menu on the phone you are using and enable Unknown Sources.
  • If you have, then please continue the process of installing the Apk.
  • Please wait until the process is completely finished.
  • If so, please enter your Free Fire account.
  • Then the FF diamond will automatically increase.
  • Sekesai, Good luck!

Is the Diamond FF Cheat Apk Safe to Use?

Maybe not a few of you are asking whether the Diamond FF Apk Cheat Script Apk is safe to use on Android smartphones?

You need to know that whoever Free Fire Players use cheats by using cheats, then Garena does not hesitate to give risks such as banned accounts.

So we recommend that if you use the diamond ff cheat apk, just use a backup account, this is of course to avoid all risks to your main account.


You can choose one of the ways above to be able to get diamonds for free in the Garena Free Fire game.

Maybe that’s all we can say about the Latest Free Original Diamon FF Cheat Apk 2022. Hopefully this review can be useful for all of you. Thank you.