1200+ Cool, Funny, Unique, Interesting, Satire & Aesthetic WiFi Names

Cool, Funny, Aesthetic and Attractive WiFi Names – Wifi is a tool to be able to connect a device to the internet, therefore its existence is very much needed in the current era.

Maybe almost all homes now have WiFi as their internet connection, the types themselves are very diverse as well as the different MBPS speeds depending on the type.

In WiFi, it requires a name and password as an ID because if it is equipped with a name it may be confused to distinguish between one another.

Now people make WiFi names not just because there are many unique and interesting names like those that are currently a trend among internet users.

Because of that, we will also provide a wide selection of cute, cool, unique and creative WiFi names that you can choose on your rotter device.

But before going to the cool, funny, interesting and popular WiFi names in 2022, you should first understand about WiFi so you can add deeper knowledge like the following.

About WiFi Name

1200+ Cool, Funny, Unique, Interesting, Satire & Aesthetic WiFi Names

WiFi is a device that connects devices such as smartphones, laptops, PCs or others with the internet but must be equipped with active data before it can be used.

Sometimes there is also active WiFi but the data is not active so that right is the same as not being used to play the internet.

The types of WiFi vary because there are quite a lot of rooters, but the ones that are often used are Tenda, ZTE, Indihome and others, functionally the same, only the difference is in the package.

WiFi is now widely found in almost all corners such as housing, public spaces, schools or offices, we can easily find it.

From every Wifi that we meet has a different name from one another, sometimes we have seen a very unique and creative WiFi name, this is what is now widely used.

Because if you use an ordinary name, it will certainly look less attractive, but if you use crazy names, it will definitely make people who read it more interested.

If you are looking for interesting WiFi names, this time we have hundreds that you can use as IDs on your rotter.

The Latest Collection of Cool WiFi Names 2022

1200+ Cool, Funny, Unique, Interesting, Satire & Aesthetic WiFi Names

On this occasion, we will share the name of the Wifi which is more popular and is used by many people, not only for ID, but the words are also quite meaningful.

The name of the Wifi that we share has meaningful words with various purposes, if from the list below there is one that you like then please use it because it is provided for free.

1. WiFi Name Aesthetic

There are so many names for Indihome Astehtic Wifi that can be used for rooting, such as don’t read or anything else, if you are curious, please see the following.

  • Do not read
  • Ra duwe quota pretentious Bae
  • Do you want WiFi?
  • Hotspot
  • You are sure
  • Cut quota
  • I want internet
  • Aja Andon Bae
  • Definitely go
  • 1000 bit
  • IFIW
  • Forced
  • I can enter
  • Want Andon WiFi
  • Just sit down
  • Not a brother, don’t
  • X again WiFi Pay
  • bad
  • Free WiFi but it’s a lie
  • Don’t like to steal WiFi
  • If you want internet, please
  • Can WiFi but pray rich
  • Neighbors can wifi
  • Amber saves quota
  • You can enter
  • Wrong password
  • Connect for free
  • bye
  • Cw beautiful can wifi
  • Yen Ra ayu Ra no need wifi
  • Siji until wolu
  • One to eight
  • Searching for

2. Funny & Cool WiFi Names

In addition to the aesthetic name, there are also funny and cool inspiring wifi names that you can use, so that anyone who reads it will feel encouraged, the full review is available below.

  • Internet for making money
  • You can do it
  • Certainly successful
  • Yen laka quota Ra can work
  • Internet my hoe
  • My Weapon WiFi
  • Spirit 234
  • Poko e must be successful
  • YouTube
  • Ra ngonten Ra bullshit
  • Kudu can
  • Do not fail
  • Do not give up
  • Try again
  • There’s still a chance
  • Please use
  • I need internet
  • Don’t be lazy
  • Don’t be fussy amber success
  • A ray of hope
  • Sing sure
  • Must be sure
  • There’s nothing you can’t
  • Must keep trying
  • Focus Ning effort
  • Don’t make it negative
  • Ora et Labora
  • Effort and prayer
  • Up early

3. Home WiFi Name

There are also some romantic home names that can be used as options for WiFi IDs such as fighting together or others, which are also available attractively and free of charge.

  • Wanna meet
  • Be patient dear
  • Fight together
  • together promise
  • Only you
  • I miss
  • Until when
  • Enough of us
  • Your name
  • One heart
  • My internet is specifically for your chat
  • My WiFi is matchless
  • Wi-Fi matchmaker
  • lover finder
  • My girlfriend’s WiFi
  • What’s the password?
  • Pearl
  • Loyal
  • Will not double
  • Solemn promise
  • Don’t say goodbye
  • Just for you
  • Shadow lover
  • I just miss you
  • Missing addict
  • Missing fighter
  • Daddy boy
  • Emboke boy
  • Literate together
  • Want to be loved
  • Don’t want to be shaken
  • It’s important eman
  • Struggle
  • Cloudy doesn’t mean it’s raining
  • Lost hope
  • love adventure
  • Do not change

4. Stingy WiFi Name (Insinuating)

If you haven’t found an alternative cool wifi name, please use the following satire names. Please choose the one that you think is interesting to use.

  • Don’t use
  • Not willing to use
  • So buy a quota
  • Time to go
  • Not for free
  • The one who uses sin
  • Can use with permission
  • 1 hour 2000
  • Private only
  • WiFi Error
  • Wifi can’t be used
  • No signal
  • Mobile data not available
  • Under repair
  • Not for use
  • Beware of Error
  • slow king
  • Hack prison WiFi
  • Hacking WiFi is dangerous
  • Can’t be hacked
  • Those who use it must be found out
  • Open public WiFi
  • WiFi no Free
  • Don’t try
  • Buy quota dong
  • If you want to use it here first
  • Cannot be used unless
  • Allah is all seeing

5. Free WiFi Name (Public)

In addition to the above, there are also a collection of free or public wifi names, if you are confused about determining the ID for the right rotter, maybe one of the lists below can be the best choice.

  • X strip
  • Fiv Pao
  • Blizzard
  • com. Star
  • Start up
  • R PLoS x
  • Control on
  • Operating system
  • Publisher
  • Stop live
  • No connect
  • Search
  • Free access
  • Without limit
  • No quota
  • Without a name
  • No password
  • Can be hacked
  • No Router
  • Access tent
  • Remote WiFi
  • Camera WiFi
  • Invisible
  • No status
  • Shake first
  • eyes
  • MBS 0
  • Slow speed
  • Inactive
  • Server no response
  • Start rental

6. Attractive WiFi Name

Next, there is an interesting WiFi name which is usually used to give someone a code by telling them to use your internet for sure he will read the ID

  • Don’t stop hoping
  • Keep hoping
  • Waiting for confirmation
  • When you don’t know
  • You must know
  • If you are brave enough to say it
  • I will definitely accept you
  • Do not disappoint me
  • Hug
  • Be sensitive
  • Don’t act like you don’t know
  • It’s time for me to say
  • Who reads what I love
  • Those who read tell me
  • Want to be treated
  • Chocolate craving
  • Lets hang out
  • Let’s eat out
  • I want you to be honest
  • Never lie
  • Cheer up
  • I believe you must be loyal
  • Thanks

That’s the collection of Indihome WiFi names that you can use for free, there are lots of good choices from funny, gokil, romantic and motivational groups, all of which are completely available.

Choose one of the WiFi names above to be used as an alternative to make it look cooler, because it’s not the time to use it as usual, you have to make changes to make it look more interesting and exciting.

Unique WiFi Password Name

1200+ Cool, Funny, Unique, Interesting, Satire & Aesthetic WiFi Names

The password on Wifi has a function as a lock or key that must be guarded so that not everyone can use your internet device unless it is intentionally free, right.

Usually people use the most frequently used passwords 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 or vice versa and it can also be the date of birth but along with the times, many also provide unique passwords

If you use a funny password, sometimes other people who want to borrow WiFi will laugh at the password but interestingly it’s a trend, if you want to try it, please see the following.

  • Want Andon
  • Want to borrow WiFi
  • 1 to 8
  • 9 to 1
  • Do you have quota?
  • There’s no quota
  • Want Mina Hotspot
  • Sack to use
  • Please use
  • Free access
  • No password
  • No password
  • Don’t be long
  • Can’t be negative
  • Don’t be stingy
  • Free WiFi
  • Don’t use
  • There’s no quota anymore
  • If it’s slow, don’t sulk
  • Must be smooth
  • try x again
  • Fail time
  • Try again
  • Can’t enter
  • want to know
  • Anything is okay
  • Just look for it yourself
  • Just try it
  • Your name
  • Don’t ah
  • Borrowing time
  • find it by yourself
  • Try asking aunty

How to Change WiFi Name

1200+ Cool, Funny, Unique, Interesting, Satire & Aesthetic WiFi Names

To change the WiFi name, you can do it yourself without the need to call a WiFi installation service because it is actually very easy so that anyone can do it.

But many also don’t know how and the steps, that’s why we will give a tutorial on how to change the WiFi name for all types of routers.

  • Please enter the address
  • Please enter the name and password usually for the initial stages, everything is admin
  • Go to Network => WLAN => SSID Settings
  • There is an unser name column, please change it to the name you want
  • When finished, click the submit logo
  • Done the name has changed

How to Change WiFi Password

You can also change the password or password if it has been used for too long, this is usually to maintain Wifi security.

How to change it is quite easy because almost all types of Rootters are the same, only the difference is usually the address but overall it is not much different, for more details, please refer to the following.

  • For the same password, enter the address
  • Enter the username and password
  • Go to Network => WLAN => Security
  • Please change the password in the WPA Passphrase field
  • if it’s already ru fruit click save
  • Finished

How many times can the WiFi name be changed?

Maybe some people don’t know how many times the WiFi name can be changed? You are free to change as you wish.

There is no limit to the number of times you can change the name because it is free, as is the password, which can be changed every day.

The step to change the WiFi password or name is also quite useful for the security system so that it is not easy for people to break into it, so it is very useful and recommended.

Moreover, how to change it is also not difficult because it can be changed via gadgets or laptops (computers).

Is Renaming WiFi Safe?

If someone asks about security when changing WiFi names often, the answer is safe and it doesn’t matter because a menu or mode is provided to change the name or password.

The existence of the change menu is certainly made so that users can freely change the name as they wish as well as the password.

Even though you often make changes such as passwords or WiFi names it will not damage the rooter or the device, but it does make it safer from people who want free internet.


In conclusion from the discussion above, we provide a collection of funny and unique WiFi names as examples for friends who want to change their WiFi name or password.

Please be able to choose the one you need and use it as the WiFi name on your smartphone or rooter device to make it look more creative and different than usual.

All the names above are free to use and free for everyone. Maybe that’s all you can get about the most popular WiFi, hopefully it can be useful and useful, thank you.