13 Ways to Enter the Free Fire Esports Team & Requirements for Pro Player 2022

How to Enter the Free Fire Esports Team – Lately, playing online games is no longer considered a time wasting activity. Because, now many gamers, especially in Indonesia, have managed to earn hundreds of millions of rupiah every month from playing the Free Fire game.

The Esports industry is currently growing very rapidly, becoming a reference for many people who want to show the quality of their skills to join the Esports team. The Free Fire game is the first option to easily enter the Free Fire Esports team, because access is wide open and not too exclusive.

Therefore, many players aspire to join one of the largest Free Fire E-sports teams in Indonesia. However, players don’t know how to enter the Free Fire Esports team and the conditions must be met.

In the previous discussion, Ulingame has shared information about ESPORT ATHLETE DEFINITION. Now before you know how to enter the Free Fire E-sports team, it would be nice to know first what an Esports athlete is in the link above. To know more about Esports.

Free Fire Esports Team Entry Requirements

Before knowing how to enter the Free Fire E-sports team, players must first know that the terms and conditions must be met. If you feel that you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will only have to wait for the Esports call to join the team.

But for those of you who don’t know what the main terms and conditions are to enter the Free Fire Esports team, here are some requirements that must be met below so that it becomes an easy way to enter the Esports team.

1. Have High Skill & KD 5+

High Skill

The first requirement to enter Free Fire Esports is having high skills or mechanics, mastering several roles, shooting tricks and an account reaching KD 5+ with a minimum of 1000+ matches.

2. Maximum Team Seriousness

The Seriousness Level Increases How to Enter the Free Fire Esports Team

In becoming a pro player, you must have the intention in the team to win the competition and be a responsible player. When participating in a tournament, he carries the name Esport.

3. Unselfish & Good Attitude

Not selfish

Even though you are already a pro player and enter one of the esports, you cannot be selfish and have to behave well with your fellow teammates.

Other Terms

  1. Willing to change Guild
  2. Minimum Age 17+
  3. Ready to Participate in Scrim and Tournaments anywhere.
  4. Mental Champion & Discipline
  5. Have you ever or often won tournament Championship Achievements
  6. Intention to Grow

How to Enter the Free Fire E-sports Team

Free Fire players can’t wait to find out what are the ways to enter the Free Fire E-sports team. Here, Ulingame has described the exact way to enter the Free Fire Esports team below.

1. Join the Free Fire Community

Join Community

The first way for those of you who want to really become professional players and join the biggest esports team in Indonesia, it would be nice for you to first join the community. It actually aims to train mentally and skills to fight equal or higher enemies.

By using this method, players will definitely be more motivated to join the Esports team. Because they are surrounded by players who have one goal, which is to join the Free Fire Esports team.

In addition, to join the Esports team, players must have a good reputation. And known as gamers who have good abilities and Good Attitude.

2. Participate in Various Tournaments

Participate in the Tournament How to Enter the Free Fire Esports Team

The next way is to look for achievements by participating in small competitions, because the Esports team will recruit players who have potential as gamers who have high skills through the achievements that have been obtained and the ability to play.

3. Participate in the Esports Team Open Trial

Following the selection

There are various esports teams that usually open an open selection to find new players to recruit, especially esports teams in Indonesia. You just follow the selection or trial and play well so you can be recruited.

In order to know the selection and trial, all you need to do is follow and monitor the social media of the Esports team you want to join.

4. Become a Global Top

Become a Top Global Ff How to Enter the Free Fire Esports Team

To be able to enter the Leaderboard, you need to be consistent when playing. Players must play regularly to practice in order to reach the Leaderboard and become the Global Top.

Esports will always monitor the Leaderboard. Because only players who have the intention to practice and have good abilities to always reach the Global Top. With your account that is always on the Leaderboard continuously, Esports can contact you easily to enter the Esports team.

The final word

This is information about how to enter the Free Fire Esports team, especially in Indonesia. Now for those of you who want to become a pro esports player, you have to follow several methods and the conditions above. Maybe that’s all the information from Ulingame on this occasion and see you in the next article.