2 Applications To View Deleted WA Messages

Application to view deleted WA messages – WhatsApp is an application for sending telephone messages and video calls which are now almost used by all Indonesian citizens on Maika’s cellphones, they must have WhatsApp to communicate with each other. WhatsApp is the best phone and SMS replacement application today, so that we only use our quota, we can call and chat as much as we want.

There are many features that have been created by WhatsApp so that users can feel comfortable using this chat and phone application, besides that the WhatsApp application gives us convenience in making it so that when we want to contact people in large numbers we don’t need to contact them one by one directly with the WhatsApp group.

Indonesian users have also used WhatsApp as a means of communicating with each other without having to think about running out of credit because by using quota alone we have a very wide range of chat and video calls without any limitations. In WhatsApp, we can also find out if the person we are talking to is active or not when was the last time we ended. and and1 he is typing we also know.

But do we know that there is one interesting feature in WhatsApp, that is the delete message feature or withdraw messages, this feature allows us when we have the wrong chat or feces on WhatsApp or on the wrong person then we can easily pull it out and delete the message maybe some people will think this is quite profitable but for people who are curious or often curious will feel irritated if a message is deleted.

So a breakthrough was created, namely an application that can view deleted whatsapp messages so that we don’t need to ask the person who has urged what we jump, we just open this application and we already know what the person’s writing has been deleted.

Application to view deleted WA messages

Application to view deleted WA messages

Maybe some people will be helped by the feature of deleting messages on WhatsApp, but this is inversely proportional to people who are curious or curious about what our interlocutor actually wrote about until it was deleted and we didn’t know the message.

Maybe again we people don’t have bad prejudices think this might be normal because wrong messages on WhatsApp are common but for people who have bad prejudices or Suuzon will definitely think that this person has said nothing but deleted so that I as a message reader does not read the message.

In this article, we will provide several selected applications for us to be able to view deleted whatsapp messages without the hassle of asking the person who deleted the message.

1. WhatsApp Delete Recovery

This application is useful for deleting messages and viewing deleted messages whether it’s messages that are withdrawn or messages that we accidentally delete because to clean our cellphones, the usefulness of this application can also backup messages that have been deleted without us needing to pick up from email data that is in Google Drive.

In years past, we simply opened the application and we just had to choose which messages we wanted to back up, we could see the messages, especially the messages that were important. We can find this application in the Play Store and App Store on Android and iOS, respectively.

2. Unseen

This application is quite unique because we can see messages that have been withdrawn and deleted without us having to paint the person, but the difference between the first application and this unseen application cannot backup messages that have been deleted and withdrawn but can only be seen through the application but we You can work around this by taking screenshots and copying the message.

The final word

Thus the article that we can convey the 2 applications above are the applications that get the best ratings on the Playstore so we don’t need to hesitate to install this application so that we are not curious about messages that are pulled and deleted without hassle. Hopefully this article can be useful, look forward to our next update.