2 Easy Ways to Fix Disk Error in Windows 10

Telset.id – Windows 10 Disk Error problem is often complained by users. You don’t have to worry about fixing it. We will give tips on how to repair a Windows 10 disk. The method is very easy.

There are many error messages that occur on Windows 10-based PCs or laptops that really interfere with our activities while working, playing gamesand others.

One of them is “Disk Error” which displays the message “Scan Drive for Error”. So, how to fix Windows 10 Disk Error?

Please note, Disk Error is a fatal error that can result in a BSOD or “Blue Screen of Death” on a PC or laptop.

This error occurred, most likely because hard disk suffered a mechanical failure or some other logical error. As a result, the PC or laptop system becomes disrupted, and affects user activities.

Well, in this article, the team Telset.id will show you how to fix Disk Error in Windows 10. There are two ways that we will share, so read on!

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1. Use Disk Check

Windows 10 has a built-in app that works to check hard disk which may have some errors. This app can also fix errors found on the hard disk or Windows 10 error disk. Here’s how:

  • Entered into File Explorerthen right click on the partition hard disk where the operating system isinstall. Usually named OS(C:).

Windows 10 error disk

  • select Propertiesand press tab Tools.
  • Then in the Error CheckingPress the button Check.

Windows 10 error disk

  • Then, press the button Scan Drive to continue the examination and resolve a disk read error occurred.

repair disk windows 10

  • When the application finds a certain error, the application immediately fixes it automatically.

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2. Startup Repair

Just like Disk Check, Windows 10 also has another application called Startup Repair that can fix most problems, especially in the case of hard disk. Here’s how to repair a Windows 10 disk:

  • First, go to Settings and select Updates & Security.

repair disk windows 10

  • Then, press the button Recovery. Then, in the Advanced SetupPress the button Restart Now.

startup laptop

  • Wait a few moments until a new page appears. Press the button Troubleshoot.

Laptop startup

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  • Then, press Advanced Options.

Laptop startup

  • Then, press the button Startup Repair. Automatically, the system will start looking for errors on your PC or laptop, including problems hard disk and fix it automatically.

Laptop tips

How, how easy is it to solve Windows 10 hard drive errors? If a “Disk Error” error occurs, just use this method to fix it, OK! (FHP)