2 Expoversary Week, BCA Receives Thousands of Applications for KKB and KPR

Jakarta, IDN Times – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk or BCA has received thousands of applications for motor vehicle loans (KKB) and home ownership loans (KPR) from its customers in the Expoversary BCA 2022 event.

BCA received thousands of applications within the first two weeks of Expoversary BCA 2022, which is planned to be held for a whole month until March 27.

“During the two weeks of Expoversary BCA which was held online, based on the latest report for the KKB, there were 3,400 applications for credit with a value of approximately Rp. 2 trillion,” said the Chairman of the BCA Expoversary Committee and Director of BCA Finance, Petrus Karim, when met at the Expoversary BCA 2022 in ICE BSD, Tangerang, Thursday (10/3/2022).

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1. KKB applications are expected to double

BCA Receives Thousands of KPR and KKB Applications during the 2 Week ExpoversaryMotor Vehicle Loans (KKB). (Doc. BCA)

Petrus added that his party hopes that this achievement can be doubled at the Expoversary BCA event offline on ICE BSD. For information, Expoversary BCA 2022 at ICE BSD will be held for four days from March 10 to 13, 2022.

“The next hope for offline events, onsite like this can be doubled because I heard that several dealer partners have been contacted by BCA customers,” said Petrus.

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2. Submission of KPR penetrates the figure of 3,500

BCA Receives Thousands of KPR and KKB Applications during the 2 Week ExpoversaryHome Installment Loan Illustration. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

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On the other hand, the number is higher on the mortgage side. EVP Consumer Loan BCA, Felicia M Simon stated that there have been 3,500 applications for mortgages during the two weeks of the event on line Expoversary BCA 2022.

According to Felicia, the higher number of submissions than the KKB occurred because her party had implemented it first pre-sale before holding Expoversary BCA 2022.

“Buying a house usually involves longer considerations, so we apply a pre-sale for a certain period. Since the pre-sale until the latest report a few days ago there were 3,500 mortgage applications with a value of Rp5.9 trillion,” said Felicia.

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3. Expoversary BCA offers the lowest interest rates in history

BCA Receives Thousands of KPR and KKB Applications during the 2 Week ExpoversaryBCA Expoversary Online 2022. (Doc. BCA)

In Expoversary 2022, BCA offers the lowest interest rates in history for a variety of products, ranging from KKB, KPR, and motorcycle loans (KSM).

“We offer very special KPR and KKB interest rates, which are 2.65 percent. Then KSM BCA will provide a special down payment of 6.5 percent from OTR for all customers and all types of motorbikes under Rp. 100 million,” said Jahja.

The mortgage interest is fixed for one year and the KKB interest is flat per year for a one year tenor.

In addition, BCA also presents more than 100 well-known property developers in Indonesia. Then the BCA Expoversary 2022 will also be attended by 19 well-known car brands that offer various benefits for purchases, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, MINI, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, KIA, and Honda.

As for Mercedes-Benz, in particular, they presented their latest collection, namely the GLC 200 AMG Night Edition at the BCA Expoversary 2020. This is also the case with Volkswagen, which presents the VW T-Cross.

Meanwhile, for the motorcycle segment, BCA collaborates with 22 motorcycle brands, such as Yamaha, Piaggio Vespa, Benelli, Gesits, SM Motor and so on at the BCA Expoversary Online 2022 event.