2 Ways to Easily Track Lost or Dropped Xiaomi Cellphones This Year

How to track our lost or dropped Xiaomi cellphone and so on?

For Android phone users, especially Xiaomi, it doesn’t seem surprising if the user’s cellphone is lost, left behind and so on.

Because that’s the risk for us as users who need to be even more careful to store and maintain it.

So what if it happened? Calm down, okay, because there’s an easy event to track it down.

If your Xiaomi cellphone is lost, you can use two ways like the following if you experience it.

Check out the steps to track down XIAOMI cellphones below

How to Track Xiaomi Phones with Mi Cloud

How to track a Xiaomi cellphone

Mi Cloud is an excellent feature that Xiaomi implements for all types of products that Xiaomi exports. With Mi Cloud, you can easily back up your files or photos online.

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In addition to online data management, you can also track where your cellphone is using Mi Cloud.

How to track where your Xiaomi cellphone is with Mi Cloud can be tracked in the following way.

1. Open Mi Cloud Website

Click here to visit the MI Cloud site

2. Login

Login with registered Mi account. Can use Email, Mobile No

3. Search Device

Then click Find Hardware to start looking for the current HP place

4. Click on the Locate menu

Click the device menu to search for HP. (Once you find a place, zoom in on the map that appears to make sure your HP position is accurate.)

If your smartphone is silent, use the Xiaomi Voice / Voice Mode menu. (With this mode, you can activate the sound even if the cellphone is silent)

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Useful Features in Mi Cloud

There is something you need to know about the usability of features in Mi Cloud.

Noise Mode

This feature can activate the ringing of the phone that is being searched for even in silent mode.

Lost Mode

You can use Lost Mode if someone steals your HP. This feature helps you to secure stolen cellphones by locking your Xiaomi cellphone.

By activating this mode, the cellphone will not be used unless the registered Mi Cloud account is entered. If the person who took your cellphone changes the sim card, you will receive a notification that someone has changed the sim card on your cellphone.

Wipe Device (Clear Data)

In addition to the two previous features, this is the last feature that you can use to delete all files and data on your lost Xiaomi cellphone. If there are important files on your Xiaomi cellphone, activate this Mi Cloud feature so that your data is safe.

You can use the above method for all types of Xiaomi cellphones as long as you have a Mi Cloud account. If the place where your cellphone is found, go directly to the site that seems to take your cellphone.

So always remember your Mi Cloud account to ensure the security of your data and your cellphone. In addition to using Mi Cloud, you can also track your lost cellphone with the help of Google Find My Device.

Track Xiaomi Phones with Find My Device Google

Apart from Mi Cloud, you can use this method with the help of your Google Account.

To use this feature, all you need to do is make sure you have registered your google account on your lost cellphone. If your Google Account is registered on the lost cellphone, you can follow the method below.

  • Open your browser from computer/mobile and visit Google Device Manager here
  • Sign in with the google account installed on the lost phone.
  • If your Google account is signed in to more than one device, select the device you want to search for
  • After selecting the device you are looking for, Google will try to connect to your device. (Google will connect if you activate the data plan and GPS on your lost cellphone.)

If connected, the map screen will change the location of your cellphone.
Like Mi Cloud, Google also offers features that you can use on Find My Device. There are three features that Google offers in this mobile search service.

There are three features provided are:

  • Play Sound Features: you can try ringing your cellphone with Play Sound if your HP place is close to your reach. The phone will still ring even in silent mode.
  • Lock Features: Or you can use the features Lock to lock your cellphone so it can’t be opened easily.
  • Erase Features: The last step you can take if your cellphone is not detected is to delete the data on your cellphone. you can use the features Erase to delete all data even if your cellphone is turned off.

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So that’s how to track your XIAOMI cellphone, hopefully that way your cellphone will be found soon, thank you.