2 Ways to Flash HP Lenovo A6000 Without a Computer, the Latest Easiest This Year

How to Flash Lenovo A6000- It’s a shame to replace an Android device that suddenly bootloops, and hasn’t been in use for a long time, and needs to be flashed.

Flashing is the process of reinstalling software / ROM / OS (operating system) and is useful for repairing programs in case of problems, updating to the latest software, or wanting to reduce the level of the software currently in use.

Well, here we will explain how to update/flash Lenovo A6000. Here we explain only for that type because every Android smartphone will be different in its implementation.

Causes Why Flashing Is Required

Before continuing, first learn what flashing means. Flashing is a process to reinstall a smartphone that is having software problems.

Later, as if the smartphone will return to normal conditions when you first bought it.

Things to do for flash include:

  • Bootloop
  • Hang
  • Slow or lag
  • Smartphone restarts by itself
  • Applications often stop suddenly
  • Forgot password
  • Etc
How to Flash Lenovo A6000

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How to Flash Lenovo A6000 with Computer

Do this using a computer or laptop.

The following is a combat tool for the flashing process that you must prepare.

  1. Download Lenovo USB Driver
  2. Download QPST/QFIL
  3. Lenovo A6000 Firmware Download

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How to flash lenovo A6000

  1. InstallLenovo USB Driver

    Turn Off / turn off your Lenovo A6000 cellphone.

  2. Connect to PC

    Connect the Lenovo HP to PC using a data cable at the same time by pressing volume UP.

  3. Run the app QFil.exe.

    Open/Run the app QFil.exe. that has been installed on your computer.

  4. Enter the Firmware file

    After the cellphone is connected to the PC, then you click browse and enter the firmware file that you downloaded earlier.

  5. Process

    Click the load XML menu and enter it into the patcho.xml file then click open. In this process you just wait until the process is complete.

  6. Finished

    wait until your lenovo cellphone restarts automatically. and the flashing process is complete.

How to Flash Lenovo A6000 without a Computer

Before starting the process you must prepare the materials such as the firmware.

Here’s how to flash without a computer using an SD card:

  • Transfer the downloaded firmware to the SD card and can be through a card reader or someone else’s phone.
  • To flash without using a computer, use an already used recovery to repair the crash. Just press power button + volume up + volume at the same time.
  • Make use of the volume buttons to scroll up and down and the power button for OK.
How to Flash Lenovo A6000 without a Computer
  • See the photo above and choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset. This method can wipe your data and can be skipped but an error message will appear when you turn it on.
  • Then select Apply update list from sdCard. Then select the firmware you downloaded.
  • Then drag or drag to the right to confirm flashing.
  • Just wait until the process is complete.

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Those are the 2 ways to flash the Lenovo A6000 HP, make sure you pay attention to the steps carefully so that there are no errors during the flashing process, hopefully it will be useful.