2019 Italian GP, ​​Charles Leclerc’s victory in front of Tifosi

Charles Leclerc in the 2022/2023 racing season is again Ferrari’s hope to win the world title. The Monaco driver has indeed shown his best potential since his debut with Ferrari in 2019.

In that season, he was able to reap seven pole position and two wins. Including his sensational victory at the Italian GP. Moreover, he grabbed it in front of the crowd tifosi that throng the Monza circuit.

1. Leclerc’s first season with Ferrari

2019 Italian GP, ​​Charles Leclerc's victory in front of the TifosiSebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc (formula1.com)

Charles Leclerc rose to Formula 1 in 2018 after becoming Formula 2 world champion the previous season. Together with Alfa Romeo, Leclerc appeared solid with quite often finishing in the top ten positions.

Seeing this, Ferrari then decided to sign Leclerc to replace Kimi Raikkonen who was getting old. Leclerc will also partner up with four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. A challenge that is quite heavy for young drivers to sit in the Ferrari seat.

2. Ferrari has an amazing car

2019 Italian GP, ​​Charles Leclerc's victory in front of the TifosiFerrari SF90 car for the 2019 season (formula1.com)

Ferrari appeared quite fierce in the 2019 season and successfully became Mercedes’ main competitor. The team based in Maranello was able to win nine pole position and three wins throughout the season.

However, the captivating performance of the SF90 car was due to their engine that did not comply with regulations. The FIA ​​finally decided to punish Ferrari for the next season. Evidently, the Prancing Horse team was unable to do much in the 2020 season.

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3. Leclerc dominates the qualifying session

2019 Italian GP, ​​Charles Leclerc's victory in front of the TifosiLeclerc won pole position at the 2019 Italian GP (formula1.com)

Leclerc came to Monza with good capital after winning the Belgian GP. Moreover, throughout the season, Leclerc had a very good record in the qualifying session. That’s what makes him confident ahead of the Italian GP.

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Leclerc also proved to be brilliant in the qualifying session. In the first session he managed to record the fastest time. However, in qualifying 2 it was Hamilton’s turn who had the best record time. Leclerc also replied in the last qualifying session and won pole position.

4. Successfully overcome Hamilton’s resistance

2019 Italian GP, ​​Charles Leclerc's victory in front of the TifosiCharles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton at the 2019 Italian GP (formula1.com)

When the flag start was flown, Leclerc managed to keep his position from Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. However, Hamilton, who defended Mercedes, always overshadowed him and put strong pressure on Leclerc.

Hamilton, who tried to overtake Leclerc, actually made his car wide. Leclerc then also had time to experience lock up in his car, fortunately he was still in front of Hamilton.

Not long after, it was Hamilton’s turn to experience a similar incident. This makes Hamilton have to lose second position after being overtaken by Valtteri Bottas. Since then nothing has been able to stop Leclerc from touching the finish line first.

He was also warmly welcomed by the tifosi that throng the Monza circuit. Leclerc also became the first Ferrari driver to beat Monza since Fernando Alonso did so in 2010.

5. Beat Vettel at the end of the season

2019 Italian GP, ​​Charles Leclerc's victory in front of the TifosiCharles Leclerc wins the 2019 Italian GP (formula1.com)

Leclerc was not actually Ferrari’s main driver for the 2019 season. At that time, Ferrari still believed in Sebastian Vettel to win the world title. However, it was Leclerc who appeared charming throughout the season.

Leclerc was able to end the season in fourth position with a collection of 264 points. While Vettel is one position below him with 240 points. Leclerc also won twice against Vettel’s one.

Charles Leclerc’s victory at the 2019 Italian GP is indeed hard to forget. Moreover, he is able to make the tifosi again feel the sweetness of victory at home.

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