2022 Pancasila Sakti Monument Entrance Ticket, History & Address

The Pancasila Sakti Monument, historical evidence of the G-30 S PKI event and a silent witness to the struggle to maintain the integrity of the Pancasila ideology.

Garuda Monument at the Pancasila Sakti Monument
Image of Pancasila Sakti Monument via instagram.com/monumenpancasilasakti
Opening hours:09.00 – 21.00.
Entrance ticket:IDR 5,000/person
Telephone number:0821-1251-9568
Activity:Learn the history of the events of the G-30-S-PKI.
Best time:11.00 – 14.00 WIB.
Need to Bring:Camera.
Prohibition:It is forbidden to damage the items in the museum.
Address:Jl. Pancasila Sakti Monument, RT.1/RW.9, Lubang Buaya, Kec. Cipayung, East Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 13810
Public facilities:Parking areas, hotels, inns, food stalls, toilets, bathrooms, rest areas.
Access Road:Well
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Tourism is not only about recreation and fun. There are times when cultural and historical tourism is important for educational facilities.

One of the cheap historical tourism alternatives to increase knowledge is the Pancasila Sakti Monument. Here, you can see the chronology of the G30SPKI events and the crocodile hole well.

What is the connection between Pancasila Sakti and the G30SPKI? This historical monument is a silent witness to these events.

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Collection of Items at the Pancasila Sakti Monument
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Crocodile Hole
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Garuda Monument
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Homepage of the PKI Betrayal Museum
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Overview of the Pancasila Sakti Monument

This monument was built in the city of Jakarta on an area of ​​14.6 hectares in August 1967 at the initiative of President Soeharto. Then it was inaugurated on October 1, 1973 which was commemorated as the Pancasila Sanctity Day.

This monument or also called the Lubang Buaya museum offers many things related to Indonesian history. There is a series of G30SPKI events displayed in 3-dimensional visuals with 34 dioramas.

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History of Monument

The background of this monument begins with the PKI coup which culminated in massacring TNI officers in the Lubang Buaya area. In the area of ​​this monument there is a well 12 m deep and 75 cm in diameter to bury the bodies of the officers.

This well became known as the Crocodile Hole. The well is located on a vacant lot inside the history museum before the monument.

To commemorate this tragedy, a monument was made to commemorate the services of the heroes of the Revolution. As well as a memorial to the Indonesian struggle and a reflection of the nation’s struggle.

Tourist attraction

Visiting a museum, you definitely want to see and learn something, right? So, what are the objects in this monument?

  • There is a PKI betrayal Museum building, where you can see the original documentation of the G30SPKI incident. There is a chronology displayed with miniatures representing each event.
  • A giant poster with a picture of Garuda and 7 heroes of the revolution.
  • Miniatures on display in glass.
  • An inscription is on the right side of the entrance.
  • Torture house, command post, kitchen, theater room, paseban museum, and an old car that is evidence of the G30SPKI incident.
  • A well called Lubang Buaya is located in an empty lot near the monument,

The monument and the museum above are still in one location, so if you go to the monument, make sure to visit the museum too.

Tourist Facilities

Interested in visiting this historical monument? No need to worry about the facilities because there are complete facilities in it.

  • Spacious vehicle parking area,
  • hotels and inns,
  • Bathroom,
  • Toilet,
  • Rest area,
  • Restaurant.

The complete facilities in this tourist destination will certainly make your vacation more comfortable.

HTM and Opening Hours

Unlike the Mount Merapi Museum in Jogja, which has a fairly high HTM, the HTM for museums and monuments is very affordable. Only IDR 5,000 per person is required.

The operational hours of the Pancasila Sakti Monument are every day from 09.00 to 21.00 WIB. For the duration of the tour in this museum, visitors usually spend 45 minutes – 2 hours.


For those of you who are curious about the legendary well of Lubang Buaya, of course you want to see firsthand what it looks like. Please visit the address of the Pancasila Sakti Monument at Lubang Buaya, Cipayung, East Jakarta.

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Q & A about Pancasila Sakti Monument

You still have many questions about this tourist destination? Please update more information through the FAQ reviews from users below.


The Pancasila Sakti Monument is a very important historical educational advice to know, especially for the younger generation. In addition, this monument can also be used as an interesting alternative for historical tourism.

There are many things that visitors can see and remember there, one of which is evidence of the struggle of the Revolutionary Heroes against the PKI.