250 WA Groups Funny Memes, Shitposts, Dark Jokes, Humor, Funny 2022

WhatsApp Groups Meme – Now many people choose to communicate through the instant messaging application, namely Whatsapp using sophisticated mobile devices. The WA application is not only for sending text messages, documents, videos and photos, but can make voice calls and video calls directly.

The Whatsapp application has also provided a Group chat feature that allows one user to send one message to many people in the same group. In addition to the use of WA Groups for work groups, families or whatever. Now many people use the WA Group as a WA Meme Group community.


The WA Meme group is not only for adding friends or acquaintances, but it can also relieve boredom and entertain yourself too. Because the WA Meme Group contains Darkjokes content, humor and others.

Now to treat your boredom or stress, Ulingame will provide some Whatsapp Meme Group Link links which contain video content and funny pictures that can make you laugh everyday.

Memes at a Glance

Memes at a Glance

Before proceeding to the main discussion about the WA Meme Group, it’s a good idea for you to first know at a glance about the Meme that Ulingame will explain.

Meme is a combination of the words mime and mimic, which represent cultural ideas that have been shared from one person to another in a way similar to looping in biology.

The term meme was first coined by Richard Dawkins in the 1976s, which is a neologism of the phenomenon of language renewal that has been used which has been popular in the past.

It’s been almost 50 years since Meme was first introduced as one of the cultures on the internet, especially social media platforms today. Now Meme is seen as a form of behavior, lifestyle, fashion and much more, which has been spread for sharing from one user to another.

Usually Memes will be created and then distributed through interaction using several media such as images with video and photography that are funny and have humor value.

Now for those of you who like to make pictures and videos of Memes for fun and to share with everyone, below, Ulingame has prepared some recommendations for the WA Meme group link below.

Benefits of WA Meme Groups

Benefits of Joining Wa Meme Group

You can get various benefits when you join a Whatsapp Meme group. These benefits include the following.

  1. Be happy forever
  2. Added many new friends and acquaintances.
  3. Get funny WA stickers.
  4. Get the latest viral information.
  5. Entertain yourself by viewing silly and funny pictures or videos.

When you have joined the WA Meme group, of course you can get other benefits besides the above.

WA Meme Group Entrance Rules

But not only the benefits that you must know, but the rules and conditions you must obey. You can see the rules in the group description or see below.

  1. Do not spam chat, pictures, videos, stickers, links and more.
  2. Respect all group members.
  3. Don’t say rude.
  4. No SARA
  5. It is forbidden to discuss outside the topic of Meme.
  6. If someone asks, please answer correctly and politely.

Please note, if you do not follow the rules or violate existing provisions, you will be removed from the WA Meme group directly.

How to Join a Whatsapp Meme Group

How to Join Wa Meme Group

For Whatsapp application users who don’t know how to join the WA Meme group. Below, Ulingame has prepared complete ways to help WA users enter groups.

  1. Please first select the Meme Group in the list below that you want to join.
  2. After finding it, please press the link that says Join or Join.
  3. Then, the smartphone you are using will switch to Whatsapp Group Invitations.
  4. Please press the Join To Chat Button.
  5. After that, you can immediately introduce yourself.

List of WA Meme Links

For those of you who want to get rid of boredom and want to please yourself by viewing humorous content, you can join the Whatsapp Meme group. Because in the group there are various funny content such as videos, pictures and others. Below, Ulingame has prepared a list of Whatsapp Meme Groups as follows.

Whatsapp group link Humor meme

Group NameWA link
Hot Chocolate Comic MemesJoin
Indonesian Comic MemesJoin
Islamic Comic MemesJoin
Funny Indo Comic MemesJoin
Nice Indo MemesJoin
No Toxic No LifeJoin
Indonesian Humor MemesJoin
Stupid KonenJoin
Sweets MemeJoin
MK Comic MemesJoin
Public Meme 18+Join
The Toxic +62Join
Toxic 18 IndonesiaJoin
Solo Sticker IndonesiaJoin
Share Funny Videos and ImagesJoin
Anecdotal HumorJoin
Jubag MeMe GroupJoin
No AkhlaqJoin
Buwong Quail MemeJoin

WA Meme Shitpost group link

WA Meme Group Links Funny

Group NameWA link
Better Videos & Funny MemesJoin
Humor Funny Pictures & VideosJoin
Funny Pictures 1Join
Funny Videos and ImagesJoin
Gabuts peopleJoin
Indonesian Meme IntakeJoin
Population MemeJoin
Indonesian Comic MemesJoin
Funny Pictures WarJoin
Video MemesJoin

Whatsapp Group Links Meme Stickers

Link Group WA Meme Dark Jokes

Group NameWA link
No Morals AllowedJoin
Buwong Quail MemeJoin
Barbarian family without KKJoin
Sweet MemesJoin
Comic MemesJoin
Match Find EventJoin
Toxic 18 IndonesiaJoin
Whatsapp StoriesJoin
The Toxic +62Join

Group Link WA Meme Funny

The final word

That’s a complete discussion from Ulingame on this occasion about the list of WA Meme Group links that everyone can join in the group. Hopefully the discussion above can make your daily life happy, because you can join funny, funny, humorous, dark jokes and other groups. Hope it is useful.