3 Easy Ways to Transfer Shopeepay to Gopay, the newest 2022

BantenDay.co.id – Many people think that How to transfer Shopeepay to Gopay It’s difficult, but it’s actually quite simple. You can transfer balances easily and quickly.

As is known, since the last few years transactions using digital wallets have become commonplace. However, having multiple digital wallets can sometimes cause problems.

For example, when you want to transact with Gopay, but the balance is still lacking. Then you have ShopeePay and there is quite a balance, while you will make transactions using Gopay. The solution is, you transfer first from Shopeepay to Gopay.

Can you do that? The answer is yes. You can make these transactions easily and quickly. Like what the explanation is, watch until the end.

What is ShopeePay and Gopay

Then with ShopeePay and Gopay itself is a system that functions to make it easier for you to transact. From the start, they were only a means of payment that could be made on each platform. But now, both have developed and become other payment methods, ranging from Google to other platforms.

Shopee itself is a marketplace that has many users. It has a wide variety of products and the prices are very affordable. Coupled with many promos, for example free shipping and many more.

Even every month, Shopee always provides innovations that make more users. One of them is the e-money feature called ShopeePay. You can shop or transact using this feature.

Similar to Shopee, Gojek also has a similar feature, namely Gopay. You can use this feature for payments or other transactions. Even this application can be used for payments outside of transactions with Gojek. One of them is the transfer of Shopeepay to Gopay.

Transfer Terms and Conditions

Digital wallets do make all transactions easy, but there are terms and conditions that you must meet in order to make transactions. One of them may use a third party application or another application. Including when you want to know How to Transfer Shopeepay to Gopaythen you have to fulfill all of them.

In addition, the existence of this third party is intended to facilitate transactions. Then each provider imposes different rates and conditions in the transaction. But the process can run when everything is fulfilled.

Here are the requirements:

  • The Shopeepay account that you are using has been upgraded by completing the identity and verification,
  • Try to have a sufficient balance and administrative fee in the account, the minimum transfer amount is Rp. 10,000
  • Make sure your Shopee account is free of problems, such as transaction restrictions
  • Make sure you have installed the third application that brokers the transaction

How to Transfer from ShopeePay to Gopay

When you are confused with How to Transfer Shopeepay to Gopay, then you must know the solution. But before moving on, you must first verify. You prepare all identities, including ID verification. Because, this feature will open after your account is verified.

After that, make sure you have a balance of more than IDR 10,000 and usually, there is an administration fee of up to IDR 2,500. Then if your account is in moderation, don’t make any transactions. If you feel everything is done, then you read about the tutorial How to Transfer Shopeepay to Gopay below this :

1. Transfer Shopeepay to Gopay

  1. First, you open the Gojek application,
  2. Then you select the top up option via a bank account,
  3. Then you record the payment account number,
  4. After that, you open the Shopee application, enter the ShopeePay menu,
  5. Next, you select Transfer,
  6. Then you select Withdraw to Bank Account,
  7. After that, you enter the Gopay top up account number,
  8. Then you enter the nominal you want to transfer. On the confirmation page,
  9. Next, you click Confirm and Enter the ShopeePay PIN,
  10. Finished.

2. Charging Via QRIS

  1. First, you open the Gojek application,
  2. After that, you select the top up option via QRIS,
  3. Then, you enter the Scan menu on the ShopeePay page,
  4. Next, you fill in the nominal that needs to be paid and press Pay Now,
  5. Then you enter the ShopeePay PIN, and press OK,
  6. Finished.

3. Using Credit Expert Services

After you read the two tutorials above and you are reluctant to verify, you can use another method. How to Transfer Shopeepay to Gopay what is meant is to use a third party. Because there are many third-party service providers that you can use, one of them is from expertpulsa, here’s how:

  1. First, you open the expertpulsa site,
  2. Then you log in with your username, password and verification code,
  3. If you don’t have an account, then you must register first.
  4. Then you log in, and select More or all on the main page,
  5. After that, you select Gopay and enter the Gopay number,
  6. Next, you enter the top up nominal,

For payment:

  1. You choose the Shopee method,
  2. Then a QR code for payment will appear.
  3. Then you screenshot the QR code,
  4. After that, you open the Shopee application,
  5. Next, you enter the Shopeepay menu section, and click the scan icon,
  6. Then you scan the QR Code,
  7. Then you click the image icon in the upper right corner, and select the result of the Screenshot QR code,
  8. You just click the check mark at the top right,
  9. Next, you check the recipient data and the total payment,
  10. After that, you select continue and enter the PIN,
  11. Finished.


It’s easy isn’t it How to Transfer Shopeepay to Gopay in conducting transactions between digital wallets. You can even do it quickly and easily. Moreover, you are a fan of the Shopee application, things like this should be your food every day. Good luck.