3 Interesting Facts After ManCity Embarrassed MU

Jakarta, IDN Times – Manchester City won a good result in the match week 28 of the Premier League 2021/22. Meeting Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium, Sunday (7/3/2022), ManCity successfully shaved MU with a score of 4-1.

Two goals, each from Riyad Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne, succeeded in bringing The Citizens to victory in the duel titled the Manchester Derby. Meanwhile, a consolation goal from MU was scored by Jadon Sancho.

From this victory, too, there are some interesting notes that are worth listening to. Here IDN Times presents the notes for you.

1. Riyad Mahrez’s brilliance

3 Interesting Facts After ManCity Embarrassed MURiyad Mahrez (goal.com)

Riyad Mahrez was one of the City players who performed brilliantly in this match. The two goals he scored took him to many good records. Squawka noted, for the first time, Mahrez successfully broke into MU’s goal in an English Premier League match.

The two goals Mahrez scored in this match also made him equal Mohamed Salah’s score. He and Salah are the only two Premier League players to have scored more than 20 goals in all competitions this season.

Not only that, thanks to this goal, Mahrez has been involved in 101 goals during his time with City. In details, this Algerian national team player recorded 60 goals and 41 assist.

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2. Pep Guardiola is happy to beat Manchester United

3 Interesting Facts After ManCity Embarrassed MUPep Guardiola (skysports.com)

During his managerial career, Pep Guardiola has beaten many teams. Who would have thought, one of the teams he regularly beat was MU. In total, Guardiola won 11 matches against the Red Devils throughout his career as a manager.

Besides Manchester United, Guardiola has also won against Burnley (13 matches) and Arsenal (17 matches). However, from this note, it appears that Guardiola is also quite fond of beating Manchester United, whether he was in charge of Manchester City or when he was still in charge of other teams.

3. Manchester United swallowed by the dominance of ManCity

3 Interesting Facts After ManCity Embarrassed MUManchester City playmaker Kevin De Bruyne after scoring against Chelsea / Instagram @mancity

In the past, MU often dominated ManCity in several meetings, not least in the English League. Now, it was City who turned to dominate MU. This season alone, City have beaten Manchester United twice in two Premier League meetings.

Squawka noted that ManCity’s double win over MU was the fifth in the history of the Premier League. Previously, Manchester City also managed to beat Manchester United twice in the 2007/08, 2011/12, 2013/14 and 2018/19 seasons.