3 Interesting Things to Do While in Sumber Maron

Sumber Maron is one of the favorite tourist spots for the people of Malang and its surroundings. This tourist spot has a natural nuance, and the most popular is the river tubing game.

Opening hours:07.00-18.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 3,000/person
Address:Karangsuko, Performances, Adi Luwih Hamlet, Karangsuko, Performances, Malang, East Java 65174
Public facilities:Mosque, Toilet
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps
Source Maron
Photo (c) @hisbul_maulana

Source Maron

Not just a spring that flows at the head of the river, Sumber Maron also has a waterfall with a unique shape. If the waterfall usually stands upright, then the water falls from above (as the name implies), in Sumber Maron, the waterfall is flat.

Almost flat, but because there is a slight slope, so it looks like a waterfall. The degree of inclination is only about 60 degrees, and the height is only 5 to 6 meters.

Because of its shape, there you can all go down by using tires. It’s like a slide, only the slide is formed naturally.

Imagine the pleasure of swimming in fresh river water, flowing from real springs, with a harmless depth for children to enjoy.

Previously, Sumber Maron was a river used by local residents as a place to irrigate rice fields, some were used to grow kale. But now this need has changed with the use of the location as a famous tourist attraction in the city of Malang.

Although the tour is only in the form of waterfalls and flowing river water as usual, it turns out that there is an educational side too.

This education is contained in the presence of a Micro Hydro Power Plant machine. Abbreviated by the name PLTH.

It is often used by students or students to increase knowledge, coursework, or just research. Isn’t it delicious, apart from having fun with the water, we also know more or less about the shape of a power generator that uses waterfalls for the livelihoods of local residents.

It’s like seeing firsthand, the lack of an area in the form of electricity, but on the other hand they do their best to deal with the problem.

As for another thing that is interesting again here, namely the photo tour. Don’t ask how interesting the photos at Sumber Maron are. It all depends on your creation.

Anyway guaranteed not to disappoint.

Mystical Story Source Maron

Uniquely here there is also a mystical story. Understandably, we live on Indonesian soil, so don’t expect to be far from local myths.

He said, in the past, Sumber Maton was a place that was often used as a pesugihan. So not infrequently some strange events appear in Sumber Maron.

Like the appearance of demons, ghosts, and all kinds. According to the tourists who took photos several times captured the mysterious figure.

But behind the spooky place, Sumber Maron is still crowded with visitors. Even the place is still chosen as a camping location.

Actually, this myth may be a form of reminder for us, before entering any place, let alone a new place for us, never forget to ask for protection from the Almighty.

Interesting Things in Sumber Maron

After knowing that Sumber Maron has fresh water, there is a waterfall, there are myths too, now we will explain in more detail what is interesting in water tourism.

Is a game of river tubing, or around the river with tires. At Sumber Maron, the game is famous for its affordable price. Besides being affordable, it is certainly no less exciting than river tubing at other tourist attractions.

There is also a Flying Fox game. With a beautiful, supportive terrain, it will be fun to slide under the rope and over the river where the water is clear and beautiful.

Then there are other interesting tours. Namely fish therapy. Just dip your feet in the pool that has been provided, then you will be eaten by fish that very second!

That means your dead skin is eaten by fish.

Then, you can play as much water and tires as you like in the Sumber Maron river.

Source Maron Ticket Prices

It’s incomplete to know all the rides but don’t know the ticket price to get there.

The price is very cheap, cheaper than getting into the pool. Enough with the price of 3,000 only. But there are also those who say that it is free.

However, there are prices for renting tires, riding rides, parking, and going to the toilet.

For parking, we are charged 2,000 for the type of motorbike and 5,000 for the car.

  • Small tire rental: 3,000
  • Medium tire rental: 7,000
  • River tubing tires: 10,000
  • Flying Fox: 10,000
  • And fish therapy is enough to pay 15,000.

Maron Source Location

Along the road to Sumber Maron, when you get close, you will be greeted by green rice fields and two rivers flowing on the side of the road. It’s not hard to find the location. The road is also easy to walk.

This tour is located at Karangsuko, Pagelaran, Adi Luwih Hamlet, Karangsuko, Pagelaran, Malang, East Java 65174.

There are many routes to travel to Sumber Maron.

To make it easier, just use Google Maps, later you will definitely find the tourist location.

Source Maron Photo Gallery

Source Maron
Photo (c) @lugman_chakim17
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Photo (c) @uzan.gl125
Source Maron
Photo (c) @dowdiex_d_setyyo

This is the information we can provide. Don’t forget to rent a rubber duck for those of you who can’t swim. Don’t worry if you suddenly get carried away by the river current, because there, the current is still under control.

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