3 Pictures of Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall, Location, Entrance Ticket, Facilities

The charm of natural beauty is still very beautiful, clear, fresh water and clean air. Curug Leuwi Lieuk is very suitable as a recreation place to relieve fatigue, especially for those of you who like to swim.

Address:Pabuaran, Cibadak, Sukamakmur, Bogor, West Java 16830
Opening hours:06.00–17.30 WIB
Retribution:Rp. 10,000/person
Facility:Toilet, Stall, Changing Room
Access Road:Not good
Online Maps:View Maps
Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall 2
Photo by @inggit_js

Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall

One by one the waterfalls in Bogor have been reviewed, of course you will be familiar with the Leuwi Hejo waterfall which is not far from leuwi leiuk waterfall. Regardless of the rainy or dry season, the waterfall in the Bogor area will always give an amazing impression to anyone who sees it.

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In this article, dolanyok.com will briefly review the location, and the entrance ticket which is a mandatory information menu for tourists. Curug Lewui Lieuk is one of the waterfalls that has an exotic underwater view. The activities that can be done here are none other than being able to see the scenery, listen to the sound of splashing water and also swim in the water.

If you want to go here, it seems that you have to prepare your heart to be more spacious, because not a few of the visitors are venting about the conditions of the trip to Curug Leuwi Leuk. Yep, the trip to this tourist location is quite draining, starting from the ups and downs of the terrain and quite extreme if it rains. However, all of that will be paid off when it arrives at the location of the waterfall.

The facilities provided in this waterfall are also adequate, such as changing rooms, toilets and there are also stalls selling snacks ranging from 2000 to 10,000 only.

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There are several pools that can be used for swimming, but the pool in this waterfall is quite deep. So if you can’t swim, it’s better not to do swimming activities, or keep swimming but you must have someone to accompany you.

Location of Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall

As Mimin mentioned, the location of this waterfall is still in the same neighborhood as Curug Leuwi Hejo. However, the location of the Leuwi Lieuk waterfall is further about 300 meters to the east, and the path that must be passed is more steep. Although from the expression of the steep journey that Mimin wrote, all tourists who have visited the location of the waterfall feel satisfied and safely arrived at their destination.

Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall Entrance Fee

To get to the waterfall, tourists can not bring the vehicle directly to the waterfall, but instead deposited in the parking lot. For motorbike parking costs 10 thousand, and cars 15 thousand. The entrance fee for the waterfall is 10 thousand on weekdays and 15 thousand on weekends. Not only that, around the waterfall there are several photo spots that can be used for selfies, each spot is priced at a rental fee of only 3-5 thousand.

Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall Photo Gallery

No wonder Curug Leuwi Lieuk is one of the waterfalls with the most searches on Google, because of the beautiful atmosphere and scenery. Here are some photos from tourists who have visited the waterfall.

Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall 3
Photo by @chandrasiswandika
Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall 4
Photo by @chepybennington
Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall 5
Photo by @rahmanmahenra

If you are not satisfied, visit Leuwi lieuk waterfallYou can stop by more than 10 waterfalls that are not far from the location of the Leuwi Lieuk waterfall, including the Leuwi Hejo waterfall, Candra Wardana waterfall, Leuwi Cepet, Cibural waterfall, Twin waterfall, Hordeng waterfall, etc.

But if you want to explore the waterfall in the area, you must bring a lot of money. Because every entry to the waterfall will be charged a fee of 10 thousand.