3 Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Papaya, One Of Which Makes The Skin Darker!

Suara.com – Papaya which is bright orange and has a sweet taste is very tempting. The content of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in this fruit is able to maintain heart health, lower cholesterol levels, and launch bowel movements.

“Papaya is one of the healthiest and tastiest fruits ever. But some people realize that it also has some side effects if consumed in excess,” said Rubaina Adhikari, a nutritionist from Mumbai, citing Healthshots.

Come on, find out what side effects may occur if you eat too much papaya!

1. Carotenemia
Due to the beta carotene in papaya, eating papaya in excess can lead to darkening of the skin, which is medically known as carotenemia. This is a disorder in which the whites of your eyes and palms turn pale yellow as if you have jaundice.

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2. Respiratory disease
Papaya should not be consumed in excess as it can cause various respiratory problems, including congestion, wheezing, chronic nasal congestion, hay fever, and asthma.

3. Stomach ache
Although this fruit is very good for your stomach, overeating can cause digestive problems. The high fiber content, including the latex from papaya peel, causes stomach upset.