3 Ways to Avoid Tickets

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Jakarta, IDN Times – Being stopped by the police and then getting a ticket is really annoying. Because that means you have to spend money to pay the fine for the violation you committed.

Therefore, do not get ticketed. It’s easy, really. Well, here are three tricks or moves to avoid a ticket.

1. Always carry SIM and STNK

3 Tricks to Avoid TicketsSTNK illustration. IDN Times/Dwi Agustiar

Most bikers get a ticket for not carrying a SIM or STNK. Make sure you bring these two documents every time you ride a motorbike, okay? Also, make sure the SIM and STNK are still valid. Make sure your SIM and STNK are still valid, OK?

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2. Always wear a helmet

3 Tricks to Avoid Ticketsbeatifullife.info

Wearing a helmet is mandatory. In addition to safety, also so as not to be ticketed by the police. But don’t just wear a helmet. But use a helmet that has the SNI logo on it. Because, without the SNI logo on your helmet, you will still be ticketed by the police.

3. Obey traffic rules

3 Tricks to Avoid TicketsPhotos are for illustration only. (IDN Times/Gregorius Aryodamar P)

Another reason you can get a ticket is violating traffic signs. So pay attention to the signs around you. Obeying the traffic hair will not only save you from a ticket, but also for your own safety.

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