3 Ways to Mute the Sound on Zoom to Make Meetings More Conducive

Although how to turn off the sound on Zoom is quite easy and can be done while a meeting is in progress, there are still many zoom users who don’t know how to do it, so the audio zoom becomes crowded and not conducive.

The voices of meeting participants shouting at each other when meeting on Zoom makes the atmosphere less conducive so it needs to be turned off.

The atmosphere of the meeting or online class is not conducive because the microphone is open due to the entry of other voices behind the participants, such as roosters crowing, the sound of vehicles, and so on.

This is because of course the meeting participants live in places with different conditions. So, it’s a good idea as a zoom user to know how to mute the sound in a zoom meeting.

How to turn off the sound in a Zoom Meeting

How to turn off the sound in a Zoom Meeting

Actually, there are two options that you can apply to turn off the sound when attending a meeting on Zoom, namely before a meeting and during a meeting.

If you want to mute the zoom meeting in progress, you just need to press the button Mute with the microphone icon in the bottom bar.

And to reactivate it, you just have to click the button Unmute which is located the same. Very easy isn’t it?

Knowing this information, you are free to mute the sound during a zoom meeting freely whenever you want.

How to Disable Zoom Sound in Settings

You can actually mute the sound in zoom in the settings so you can turn off the sound directly without the need to press mute during a zoom meeting.

This method applies to zoom applications on cellphones and laptops. So, you can adapt it to the device you are using.

When you are on a trip or traveling, the Zoom application on your cellphone is more practical to use because you don’t need to open your laptop to be able to join meetings.

Another plus is the size of the mobile version of the Zoom application, which is light in size and available on Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

If Zoom on a cellphone feels very practical because it can be accessed using a cellphone with a light size and there is no need to fuss with carrying a laptop, then Zoom on this laptop is more satisfying in terms of appearance.

Because generally laptop monitor screens are wider than HP, it will automatically look more satisfying. This is because the display is more detailed, the letters are bigger, and you don’t have to swipe the screen for a long time to see the meeting participants.

1. Zoom on HP

how to set the sound on Zoom HP to turn off

When you don’t want to talk or make noise during a meeting or to make the meeting more conducive and comfortable, muting the microphone is the right solution.

Here’s how to set the sound on Zoom HP to turn off:

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to the Zoom app.
  2. Make sure you are logged in using the account you have.
  3. Then open the Settings menu in the lower right corner.
  4. Enter menu Meeting Settings.
  5. Activate features Always Mute My Microphone in the menu.
  6. Finished.

Join the zoom meeting room, then the microphone is automatically muted. To activate it, you can directly click the button Unmute which is in the lower left corner.

2. Zoom on Laptop/PC

how to turn off Zoom sound on laptop

Here’s how to turn off the sound on Zoom if you use the application on a laptop/PC so that class conditions are more conducive and calm.

  1. Open the Zoom application on your laptop/PC.
  2. Then login using your previously registered account.
  3. Click menu Settings the or nut icon.
  4. Search menu Audio then click the menu.
  5. Click option Mute My Microphone When Joining a Meeting.
  6. Finished.

You have now successfully changed the sound settings in your zoom. To activate the microphone when you want to speak, click the button Unmute which is in the lower right corner.

How to turn off the sound on Zoom either automatically or manually during a meet doesn’t take a long time.

Use the steps above according to the device you are using, whether it’s an Android phone, iPhone or laptop or PC.