3 Ways to Send Higgs Domino 2022 Chips, Easy and Fast

How to send Higgs Domino chips become one of the information that you really need to know, especially for Higgs Domino players who want to get chips quickly without drama.

This chip is very useful because it can help you enjoy the game more games the online card. The more chips you have, the more opportunities to complete missions and buy items in game so much easier.

Therefore, if you want to know more about how to ship Higgs Domino 2022 chips, you have come to the right article. In this article, you will find out how to send Higgs Domino chips to friendsboth to your friend’s new and old account, gang.

Instead of being curious, just read Jaka’s explanation to the end, come on. Let’s go~

What is a Higgs Domino Chip?

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Higgs Domino is a board game genre game with a card game type that has local Indonesian characteristics.

This game provides chips that can be used to play. You can get chips in several ways, such as top up Chip Higgs Dominoes or sending Chip Higgs Dominoes.

You need to know that Higgs Domino is relying on microtransaction in it to make a profit. Now, microtransaction in this game are gold coins.

These gold coins can be used to buy chips. Now, you can use the chip to play this one money-making game.

Chips are useful for you to play or turn into credit. If you are curious how top up gold coins so that you can buy chips, you can see the following article:

How to Top Up Higgs Domino Easily Fc85b
5 Ways to Top Up the Cheapest Higgs Domino Chip 2021 | Easy & Fast!

Confused about how to top up Higgs Domino’s cheap and fast? There are 8 ways to top up that you can choose, lots of promos and prizes!

How to Send Higgs Domino Chips Without Top Up

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How to send the first Higgs Domino chip you can do without top up, gang. For example, if you don’t have money to top up your gold coin balance at Higgs Domino, then this is the solution

However, before doing so, first make sure you have two accounts, the main account and the fake account, yes. Here are the steps:

  1. Out of Higgs Dominoes account first.

  2. Entered into Settings > Application Management > Higgs Dominoes > Memory Usage > Clear Data.

  3. If so, log into the Higgs Domino app using a fake account. A permission request will appear, select Reject.

  4. Select icon Friends > Friends App > Add > enter your main account ID to which Chip will send. Then press send.

  5. Before exiting, select set menu password formerly.

  6. Then, a permission notification will appear again. Choose Reject > then Login back to main account.

  7. After that, go to icon Friends > Friends App. Some information will appear, check all of them.

  8. Log out again from the main account, then login to new account.

  9. After loginback to icon Friendthen tick all the messages sent earlier using the main account, then the Chip coins will automatically increase.

  10. Done.

For information, if this method is successful you will get daily bonus chips of 1Mgang.

How to Send a Higgs Domino Chip to Facebook Account

How to Send a Higgs Domino Chip Without a 3d1d6 Password

The Higgs Domino Island game allows users to have two accounts, namely an account via Facebook and a default account from the Higgs Domino Island application by logging in as a visitor.

You can alternately play the two accounts. Interestingly, it turns out that there is no difference in how to send a Facebook account chip and an application account, you know. Here’s how:

  1. Open Higgs Domino’s Facebook account

  2. Make sure what is open is the account you are going to transfer.

  3. Select menu Send.

  4. Insert recipient ID.

  5. Select the number of chips to be sent.

  6. Choose Send Chip. Done.

How to Send Higgs Domino Chip from iPhone

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IOS or iPhone type HP users, would also like to know how to send Chip from their device, right?

The good news is, you can’t only play Higg Domino on that cellphone, you know. You can also send Higgs Domino chips from your iPhone directly. See the complete method below, come on!

  1. Log out of Higgs Domino’s account on the iPhone device first.

  2. Then, re-login Higgs Domino account on Android device.

  3. After login on Android, the Send Chip to another account feature will appear by itself.

  4. Click Send to ship the Higgs Domino Chip as usual.

  5. Done! Then you can get the chip too.

The final word

How to send Higgs Domino chips above is very easy, isn’t it, gang? After knowing the steps for sending the Higgs Domino chip without a limit, now is the time for you to practice it on your account.

You can choose the method that you think is easy and possible to do. For example, you can choose how to send chips without top upfrom your FB account, or iPhone so you can start playing right away.

In addition to the method above, Jaka also wants to share another way to increase the balance of Higgs Domino gold coins, namely using an exchange code. If you are curious, see how below.

Higgs Domino Exchange Code 74555
Newest Higgs Domino Redemption Code August 2021, You Can Get Free Credit!

The following is the latest Higgs Domino redemption code to get lots of Chips which can later be exchanged for credit (Update May 2022)

Hopefully Jaka’s discussion is useful, yes. That’s all and see you in the next article.

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