3 Ways to Share Screen Video Zoom Meeting With Voice

How to share screen videos on Zoom can be done before or during a meeting. Presenting video in zoom is usually used to display content.

Not only that, share screen is one of Zoom’s features that is very helpful in the meeting process because the speaker can visualize the audience, including videos.

Sharing screens in the form of video content is also widely done for those who want to ‘nobar’ or watch movies together without the need to gather to make a crowd.

If you don’t know how to display videos on zoom, here are some ways for you.

How to Share Video in Zoom Meeting With Voice

Not only videos, the share screen feature can also be used to share other screen displays such as Power Point, Word, and so on.

So, you can use the steps below to display other content including videos on zoom.

1. Share Screen Video on Zoom Via Laptop

Share Video on Zoom Via Laptop

One of the advantages of Zoom compared to other applications is that it can share screens before entering the meeting room, so it will be more practical.

Here’s how to share screen zoom on a laptop or PC:

  1. Open the Zoom application on the installed laptop/PC and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Choose an option Share Screen which is on the main page of the application.
  3. insert share key or meeting ID to enter the meeting room.
  4. Click button Share to start screen sharing.
  5. Enter the Meeting passcode or password for the meeting ID.
  6. Then click the button Join Meeting.
  7. Check option Share computer sound which is at the bottom.
  8. Click button Share in the lower right corner.

Now you’ve shown the video in the zoom meeting. Don’t forget to check the Share computer sound option so that the zoomed video appears with sound.

2. Share Screen Video Zoom on HP

Share Video Zoom on HP

In addition to a laptop, you can also use a cellphone to share a video screen before entering the meeting room. Here’s how to share videos on Zoom using a cellphone before attending a meeting:

  1. Open the Zoom app and login.
  2. Then select the option Share Screen at the top right.
  3. Input Sharing key or Meeting ID previously shared.
  4. Enter the Meeting Passcode or the password for the meeting room.
  5. Press the button Start Now to start sharing the screen.
  6. Activate option Allow Permissionthen press the . button Back.
  7. Select the video you want to share.

It should be noted that before sharing the screen you should close the windows of applications that are quite sensitive, such as account photos, personal photos, and so on.

3. Showing Video During Zoom Meeting

In addition to before entering the meet room, video sharing can also be done while the meet is in progress. Here’s how to show videos on Zoom during a meet:

  1. Press the green button that says Share Screen in the below section.Share Screen Zoom
  2. Then select the option Screen.
  3. Check option Share computer sound which is at the bottom.
  4. Click button Share.Share Screen Zoom With Voice
  5. Finished.

To bring up the share screen settings menu such as activating the microphone, stopping sharing, and others, hover your cursor over the You are screen sharing option.

Three ways to share screen videos on Zoom can make your meetings, classes, or webinars more interactive and more interesting, so that participants don’t feel bored and it’s clearer to get the material.