3 Ways to Turn Off Camera Zoom on Laptops and Cellphones

Many people prefer to turn off the camera during a Zoom meeting because they are embarrassed or simply lack confidence.

Using the Zoom application via a cellphone or laptop is actually equally comfortable because the size is relatively light so the application works faster too.

However, for those of you who object to using a laptop because it is less practical, Zoom can also be installed on a cellphone with an application size of around 30 MB.

Now, how to turn off the Zoom camera can be done both during the meeting and before entering the meeting room for HP or laptop applications.

However, novice Zoom users may be a little confused because they don’t know how to disable the camera.

In order not to be embarrassed by being seen by friends or other meeting participants, here’s how to turn off the camera when meeting on Zoom.

How to Turn Off Camera Zoom Quick and Easy

Turning off the camera on Zoom during a meeting can indeed increase confidence because usually during a meeting you will be more flexible when expressing opinions or making presentations.

This can help those who are often nervous when speaking in front of them during presentations.

By turning off the camera and speaking more freely, you will have a greater chance of getting grades during the lesson.

1. Turning off Camera Zoom on HP/Laptop/PC

Turning Off Camera Zoom

When a meeting is in progress and you want to turn off the camera, here’s how you can use it:

  1. Open the Zoom application and make sure you are logged in using your Zoom account.
  2. If not, please register an account first.
  3. Enter the meeting room or Meeting Room.
  4. You can use invitations from other people or create your own space.
  5. If the camera is still open and you can see your face, click Stop Video with the camera logo at the bottom.
  6. When the camera is turned off, your view will only be a Zoom account profile photo.

2. Disabling Auto Zoom Camera on Laptop

Disabling Camera Zoom on Laptop

Maybe you are one of those people who doesn’t like turning on the camera during a meeting in the Zoom app. Therefore, you may not want to bother turning off the camera every time you enter a meeting room.

For that, you can turn off the camera automatically so you don’t need to turn off the camera when you enter the meeting room. Here’s how to turn off the camera in Zoom automatically:

  1. Open the Zoom app and make sure you’re logged into the account that’s already registered.
  2. Then click the Settings menu with the nut icon logo.
  3. Click the Video menu, then check the section Turn Off My Video Joining Meeting.
  4. Now, the camera turns off automatically during zoom meetings.

Currently your Zoom application on your laptop will automatically deactivate the camera when you enter the meeting room. To reactivate it when in the meeting room, click the Start Video option at the bottom.

3. Disabling Auto Zoom Camera on HP

Disabling Camera Zoom on HP

How to turn off the Zoom camera automatically via HP is a little different from on a laptop. Here are the steps to set the camera to turn off automatically.

  1. Open the Zoom application, login to your registered account.
  2. Enter the Settings menu located at the bottom.
  3. Then select the Meeting menu.
  4. Activate option Always Turn Off My Video.
  5. Now, the camera turns off automatically when you join a meeting.
  6. Finished.

If you need to reactivate the camera in the middle of a meeting, you can just click Start Video in the tabs at the bottom.

How to turn off the Zoom camera both automatically and manually is quite easy, right? Do the above method to make your meeting run more smoothly.

Moreover, when the network is bad, turning off the camera can further reduce video or sound lag.