3,017 Unrecorded Isoman Patient Deaths

Jakarta, IDN Times – The first case of COVID-19 which was first announced as of March 3, 2020 by the Indonesian government has now swelled to 5,723,858 cases as of March 5, 2022.

To date, the number of positive COVID-19 deaths has reached 160,569 based on COVID-19 data per province, while the number of deaths published by the central government still states 149,918 people.

LaporCovid-19 assesses that this data shows the difference in the release of the COVID-19 death rate of 10,651 people.

“The difference in the number of publications feels like it will always exist and in the end it has the potential to be neglected for various reasons,” said LaporCovid-19 in a written release received by IDN Times, Wednesday (9/3/2022).

1. A total of 3017 deaths of isoman patients have not been included in government publications

LaporCovid-19: 3,017 Isoman Patient Deaths Not Included in Government DataThe atmosphere of the burial of the bodies of COVID-19 patients at the Rorotan TPU on Monday (26/7/2020). (IDN Times/Uni Lubis)

LaporCovid-19 also highlights that this number does not include the number of deaths probable at least it has reached 28,000 people and the death of isoman patients until February 2022 as many as 3017 people who have not been included in the publications of the central government.

“At least 5,813 people have died with a positive COVID-19 status during the third wave of COVID-19 in Indonesia until March 5, 2022. In addition, the LaporCovid-19 team also received reports of two people dying during isomanism during the month of February 2022 yesterday, ” he said.

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2. The hidden danger has become a real danger

LaporCovid-19: 3,017 Isoman Patient Deaths Not Included in Government DataPassengers queue to enter Tanah Abang Station in Jakarta, Monday (7/2/2022). (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Akbar Nugroho Gumay)

LaporCovid-19 added that from February 4, 2022 to March 5, 2022, the trend of deaths continued to consistently increase.

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“An atmosphere of concern and vigilance is not being built so intensively by the government for the safety of the people,” he said.

Whereas the number of daily positive deaths as of March 5 has increased 6-fold since February 5, 2022 and 80-fold since January 5, 2022.

“This shows that the hidden danger has turned into a real danger that should be taken seriously in order to fight for zero deaths of Indonesian people due to COVID-19.

3. The Ministry of Health predicts that the death rate will decrease after the peak of cases

LaporCovid-19: 3,017 Isoman Patient Deaths Not Included in Government DataDirector of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi speaking at the Sinovac webinar (Screenshot of Inke Maris & Associates YouTube)

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson for COVID-19 Vaccination, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, admitted that currently the number of deaths was increasing, although the addition of COVID-19 cases continued to decline.

Nadia explained that currently the proportion of people who are sick or active cases is still high, so the severity or risk of death will be high. Nadia predicts that death cases will decrease within 8-10 days after reaching the peak of death cases.

“We will see a decrease in the peak of deaths after 8 to 10 days, while if we compare it with conditions in the Delta for 15 to 20 days, there has only been a decline from the peak of cases,” Nadia said in a virtual press conference, Tuesday (8/3/2022). ).

4. The trend of decreasing mortality also depends on the incubation period of the virus

LaporCovid-19: 3,017 Isoman Patient Deaths Not Included in Government Dataillustration of the new variant of COVID-19, Omicron (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

Nadia explained that the pattern of death cases in several countries such as the United States, Britain and South Africa had passed the peak of cases after 8 to 10 days.

“This is also very dependent on the cycle, yes. This means that the cycle of the virus has an incubation period, the recovery period and at this time the confirmed cases are still high, especially active cases are still high,” he said.

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