3500+ Boy, Girl, Gang Squad Names with Meaning 2022

www.dukcapilmakassar.co.id – As social beings, humans always need other humans in their lives so they often form groups or gangs. Some people, especially teenagers, usually give the name of the gang to their group.

They usually form a group or gang because of the common vision, hobbies, and several other similarities. The use of a name in a gang is not mandatory, but it can give a unique impression so that it looks different from other groups.

Then, what is meant by a gang? What’s the difference between a gang, squad, and circle of friends? To find out more clearly about the meaning of gangs and good name ideas for gangs, let’s see the full review below.

What is a Gang?

What is a Gang

The meaning of the gang itself is not much different from the crew, circle, squad, and other terms. Gang is a term for a group where people in it have the same hobbies, visions, and the same frequency.

The same frequency means that there is an interest in something so that there is a ‘connected’ conversation between members in the group. For example, people who have a hobby of touring and modifying motorbikes will form a gang or community of motorbike lovers.

Another example, people who like cats will form a group or group of cat lovers in which the group will discuss things related to cats.

Although not mandatory, a community or gang that has a name will certainly be easier to remember, recognize, and be unique than other communities or gangs. You can also use a simple gang name to make it easier to pronounce.

Advantages of Having a Gang

Advantages of Having a Gang

When it comes to gangs, the first thing that often comes to people’s minds is groups that have a negative impact such as violent motorcycle gangs or gangs of teenage brawls. In fact, the gang does not always mean negative, you know.

Some gangs even have a positive impact or influence on their members and those around them. Then, what are the benefits or advantages of having a gang? Here are some of the advantages of forming a gang.

1. Get Support and Motivation

One of the advantages of gangs is that you can get support, enthusiasm, and motivation from friends in the gang. Because gangs are formed from the same vision or hobbies, the solidarity of gang members is stronger.

Even without being asked, members in the gang will immediately provide support to you when you are having problems. They can also understand your attitude well when you are sad, happy, or angry.

2. Train Creativity

Having a gang will also make you more creative because you are free to come up with new ideas. Solid gang members will certainly not think your idea is weird, but will actually help and support you to make it happen.

3. Hanging out is more fun

When you have a gang, you will definitely spend a lot of time with your gang friends. Usually each gang will have a special hangout place such as a shop, stall, or basecamp. That way, hanging out becomes more fun and exciting.

4. Respected by People

When you have a gang, believe it or not, you will be respected by the people around you. However, make sure that the gang you form has a good influence so as not to harm others.

Cool, Unique and Aesthetic Gang Name Ideas

When you want to form a group or gang, many people are confused about finding a suitable gang name. Despite having a lot in common, every individual in the gang must have their own opinion. Here are some good name recommendations for the gang.

1. Cool Names for Boy Gangs and Their Meanings

Cool Names For Boy Gangs and Their Meanings

Not just a name alone, the name of the gang also contains prayers and hopes for its members. Naming the gang will describe the character of the group. Well, here are some recommended names for male gangs and their meanings.

  • Abooksigun (India) = wild cat
  • Adhigana (Sanskrit) = superior class
  • Agan (Sundanese) = skipper, employer, noble
  • Agendra (Sanskrit) = Himalayan mountain
  • Agenor (Greek) = strongest, tough
  • Ageng (Sundanese) = boy
  • Ageng (Java) = big
  • Aghna (Arabic) = independent
  • Aguna (Indonesian) = useful
  • Aidan (Ireland) = great
  • Ambrose (English) = the eternal
  • Ethan (Greek) = firm or strong
  • Dakota (America) = friend
  • Isamu (Japanese) = courage
  • Rodolfo (Spanish) = brave wolf
  • Samana (Sanskrit) = breath of life
  • Vardhamma (Sanskrit) = growth
  • Tadao (Japanese) = loyal man

2. Cool Names for Girls Gangs and Their Meanings

Cool Names For Girls Gangs and Their Meanings

Apart from boys, girls also like to hang out and form gangs. Here are some good name references for girl gangs and their meanings.

  • Ageneti (Hawaiian) = pure, holy
  • Aghna (Ireland) = holy
  • Aghni (Sanskrit) = fire
  • Aghnilla (Italy) = clean
  • Angel (Greek) = messenger of God
  • Andromeda (Greek) = ruler of men
  • Cleine (Greek) = popular, famous
  • Consuela (Spanish) = giver of comfort and pleasure
  • Esperanza (Spanish) = hope
  • Fallona (Ireland) = woman leader
  • Gauri (Sanskrit) = a peaceful and peaceful way of life
  • Stasya (Greek) = resurrection
  • Unity (Ireland) = unity with nature
  • Yozita (Sanskrit) = woman

3. Cool Gang Names and Barbaric Meaning

Cool Gang Names and Barbaric Meaning

Barbaric, aka excessive, is indeed a ‘cool’ term that is often used by children today. Names that mean barbarian are often chosen because they can give a cool impression. Here are some barbarian meaning name ideas for gangs of boys and girls and their meanings.

  • Bounty Hunter = bounty hunter
  • Civil Disobedience = civil or legal disobedience
  • Kraken = sea monster
  • Manic Men = manly and full of surprises
  • Natural Selection = natural selection, the most extraordinary and powerful trait
  • The Brocode = friend code (strong bond)
  • The Mongols = strong Mongolian troops and always ready to attack the opponent
  • Mortal Enemy = sworn enemy for all gangs

4. Cool and Aesthetic Gang Names in English

Cool and Aesthetic Gang Names in English

Not a few gangs of young people use English to name their gang because it looks more aesthetic and attractive. Here are some recommendations for aesthetic names in English and their meanings.

  • Victorious Secret (VS) = secret of victory
  • Connect the Dots (CTD) = connect the dots
  • Girl on Fire (GOF) = passionate girl
  • Across Borders = cross borders
  • Independent Women = independent women
  • Different Time Zone (DTZ) = different time zone
  • Cousins ​​Across the Pond (CAP) = cousins ​​across the pond (friends like brothers)
  • Worldwide Wolfpack (WWP) = wolfpacks that exist all over the world

5. Aesthetic Names For Tomboy Girl Gang

Aesthetic Names For Tomboy Girl Gang

You must be familiar with the term ‘tomboy’, right? Tomboy is a term used to describe girls who have masculine traits and characters. Giving the following name can also give a strong and solid impression for the girl gang.

  • Silent Tea
  • Cup of Happiness
  • BeBrave Girl
  • Quarter Soul
  • Fire Ant
  • Strong Hold
  • Harm Soul
  • Black Angel
  • Gray Shadow
  • Beat(er) U
  • Fish Scale
  • Lucky Lowkey
  • Sky Garden
  • Glow-Rious
  • Free Girl
  • Bed Life
  • Happy Pigs
  • In-Outside Girl

6. Cool Names for Boys and Girls Gangs

Cool Names for Boys and Girls Gangs

Unique and quirky names are also often used to name a gang. The goal is to make the gang easy to remember and give a unique impression on the ears of others. Here are some cool and unique name recommendations for gangs of guys and girls.

  • Gokil Together (MB Genk)
  • Y for You
  • Bobalova
  • Green Milktea Lovers (GML)
  • Friendly Conco
  • ABaTa Genk
  • Cutie Pie
  • Never Alone
  • Hokya Hokya Crew
  • Genk Village Flowers
  • Boyolali Milk Pool
  • Asoy Geboy Semlehoy (AGS)
  • Bird Crew
  • Grow With Us
  • Gang Wong Semarangan (GWS)
  • Directly Cus Genk
  • Crispy Skin Lovers
  • Snacks and Afternoon Walk (JJS)
  • Zero Killer
  • Mabar Crew
  • Naughty Konco Genk
  • Xing Qu Wat Squad
  • Balungan Kere Ya’e
  • Ultramilk Men
  • Three Round Cement (STR)
  • No Burden No Debate (NBND)
  • General People
  • Shock Asix
  • Garden of Worship
  • Comfort Zone
  • Sleeping Beauty Genk
  • TTS (Too Handsome Squad)
  • Sweet Martabak Squad
  • Dragon Boyz
  • Dupli-Gate
  • Somad More
  • Diamonds Hunter

7. Good Name For Gang Squad

Nice Name For Gang Squad

Some people use abbreviations or acronyms to name their gang. The abbreviation of the gang name does give a unique impression with an extension that is only known by their own gang members. Here are some good names for squad gangs.

  • Lawyer = unemployment many events
  • Cooperative = community of rondo anak siji lovers
  • Sculpture of the World = the discussants of the world order
  • Charm = unity of friends ambyar
  • Gamov troop = troop failed to move on
  • Pegardy = sugar daddy lover
  • Farts = cute potatoes
  • Tadpole = cool but not arrogant
  • Pseudo Gems = human union without the spirit of life
  • Culture = need a rich widower
  • Doja Kuda = there is no money shopping
  • RED = lay down every day
  • Red Chili = beautiful radiant attractive beautiful
  • Pasulow = Troops are hard to glow
  • Yakosu = tough economic elite style
  • Walaga = smooth discourse, doesn’t walk
  • Komodo = talk community
  • Rexona = teenager who spreads charm
  • Drakola = drakor lova (Korean drama lover)
  • JAYA = skipper chicken in action
  • HALAL = Hug and Laugh for All
  • Diesel = always good for a walk
  • LAW squad = lucky and awesome
  • Complete = elite community
  • Cibanting = ciwi-ciwi ghosting victims
  • Your Majesty = army of rich widower lovers
  • Rompistel = group of bicycle lovers
  • SAMSAT = final year student union
  • Company = community of brave women
  • Computer = smart youth community
  • Koala = Lamongan children’s community

8. The name of the Aesthetic Motorcycle Gang and its meaning

Aesthetic Motorcycle Gang Names and Their Meanings

As you already know, when discussing a gang, of course, the thing that comes to your mind is motorcycle gangs, right? For those of you who have motorcycle gangs, there are some recommendations for cool and aesthetic names for motorcycle gangs, which are as follows.

  • Black Tiger is suitable for motorcycle gangs whose members are fearless and brave.
  • Black Moon is suitable for motorcycle gangs who want to look scary and cool.
  • The Moge is suitable for big motorcycle gangs (MOGE).
  • Omorphos in Greek means handsome so it is suitable for motorcycle gangs whose members are all male.
  • Peace Diamond is suitable for peace-loving motorcycle gangs.
  • Silent Boom is suitable for motorcycle gangs who seem calm, but are invincible or quietly drift away.

You can use the list of names above as a reference for giving gang names. By choosing the right name, the gang you form will be easier to remember and sound unique from other gangs or communities.