4 Benefits of Fasting for Health, Not Just Get Rewards!

Suara.com – The month of Ramadan will arrive in the next few days. During fasting, Muslims are permitted to fast for a whole month.

Apart from being an obligation, fasting itself is actually also good for the body’s metabolic system. So that in addition to carrying out religious orders, and also getting a reward, fasting will also increase health benefits.

This was stated by dr. Aditya Angga Dharma from Lira Medika Hospital Karawang in my Youtube. So what are the health benefits of fasting? The following is a summary as quoted by Suara.com.

1. Improve the condition of insulin

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Illustration of insulin injection.  (Shutterstock)
Illustration of insulin injection. (Shutterstock)

In type 2 diabetes, the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or it refuses insulin. So in severe conditions, they need insulin injections. Dr Aditya said that by fasting the body can improve insulin conditions. This will help diabetics

2. Eliminate inflammation

Aditya also said that fasting is also able to eliminate inflammation. He continued, by helping to eliminate inflammation automatically also reduces the risk of ulcer disease. By fasting the inflammation that occurs in the body will disappear by itself.

3. Increase growth hormone

Fasting, according to Dr. ADitya, also helps increase growth hormone. The hormone, according to Aditya, helps a lot in the growth period, especially in children and young adolescents. By fasting, growth hormone can increase.

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4. Reduces the risk of cancer

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