4 Most Common Itchy Ear Causes, Complete with How to Overcome it

Suara.com – Have you ever experienced a condition where the ear feels itchy and annoying? Most of you will probably assume this is only caused by dirty ears. But are you sure? Check out some of the causes of itchy ears and how to overcome them in the continuation of this article.

Feels light and only bothers for a few moments, itchy ears are often overlooked. Though this disorder can be an indication of a more serious disease. Without intending to scare, let’s look at some of the following causes of itchy ears.

Causes of Itchy Ears and How to Overcome It

1. Dirty Ears

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It is true that itchy ears can be caused by a dirty ear canal. A buildup of wax in the ear can make you uncomfortable and sometimes cause a ringing sound. Of course the way to prevent this is to regularly clean the ears.

Solution : Clean your ears regularly with an ear cleaner recommended by your doctor. As much as possible avoid using cotton buds, because there is a risk of pushing dirt further into the ear cavity.

2. Dermatitis in the ear canal

Dermatitis is a condition when the skin becomes inflamed and irritated, causing itching. Not only that, sometimes a burning feeling also appears. Although not very often, dermatitis or also known as eczema can appear in the ear canal.

Solution : Consult your trusted doctor and find out what causes dermatitis. For example, dermatitis caused by shampoo products, then change your shampoo. Similarly, if it is caused by metal or other accessories, avoid using it.

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Ear Illustration (Unsplash/Taisiia Shestopal)
Ear Illustration (Unsplash/Taisiia Shestopal)

3. Infections in the Ears

The cause of itchy ears can also be triggered by an infection. Can be caused by bacteria or fungi, this infection must be treated medically and appropriate treatment measures. When an infection occurs, in addition to itching you will also feel pain in the ear, smelly discharge from the ear canal, fever, and hearing loss.

Solution : Visit your trusted doctor and confirm the condition. Infections must be treated by health workers or doctors who already have medical expertise, so that they can be treated quickly and do not spread to other diseases.

4. Allergies

Finally, the cause of itchy ears can be caused by allergies to products or objects that come into contact with the ears. It could be shampoo, jewelry, latex, cotton buds, or even hearing aids.

Solution : Again the best solution for this is to visit your trusted doctor. In this way, it can be known exactly what triggers itching in the ear, and the best treatment procedure is determined.

That was a little information related to the causes of itchy ears and how to overcome them. Hopefully useful, and always take care of your health!