4 Ways to Check XL Quota Easily and Fast, Latest 2022

BantenDay.co.idCheck XL quota actually not much different from checking Axis quota, where the two companies merged several years ago. Even so, the application and whatever is in it cannot be combined, aka still stand alone. Including how to check the remaining quota or card number.

XL is a SIM card issued by PT XL Axiata as one of the largest telecommunications companies in Indonesia, apart from Telkomsel and Indosat of course. With so much competition in the world of internet network service providers, XL is still holding up well to this day. In fact, in 2014, PT XL Axiata managed to collaborate with one of the leading providers, namely AXIS.

The merging of the two telecommunications companies will certainly have a major impact on the development of information technology, especially on the internet services provided. It’s not wrong, in some areas that were previously unreachable by the network from the provider, now they can enjoy their internet services.

How to Check XL Quota Fast

Is there a quick and easy way to check XL quota? In fact, all ways to check credit, quota, active period etc. do not have a long process. It all depends on the busyness of the provider. so for example during peak hours, maybe the process will be a little hampered. However, if the signal is sufficient and the service center is loose, the process of checking XL quota and credit can run very quickly.

Likewise, if you use the application as a way to check XL quota, the process can run quickly when internet access is smooth. Otherwise, it could be a rather long process due to late updating. A little additional info, checking the quota on the XL SIM card can be done in 4 ways. From each of these methods, BantenDay.co.id has prepared complete details for you to follow.

4 Ways to Check the Latest XL Axiata Quota 2021

The first way is without using additional applications. There are three ways of checking the remaining quota on this one. The first is by using SMS, the second can be through a dial code and the third is using the official website of PT XL Axiata.

1. How to Check XL Quota via SMS

Of all types and their cellphones, be it Android or iOS types, there must be a short message service (SMS). Now, with this service, you can use it to check your XL quota with a few easy steps. So that you are not curious, please follow the steps to check your quota and some important info below!

  1. Open the messaging application (message).
  2. Fill in the recipient’s number with 868.
  3. In the text field, type “QUOTA” without the quotes.
  4. Press send and wait for a reply from the provider in the form of a short message.

2. Via Code Dial

In addition to SMS, how to check the remaining XL quota can also use a dial code. That is, you can do it with a telephone service that must be on every cell phone. The method is also very easy, not inferior to via SMS. Here’s the full review!

  1. Open telephone service on HP.
  2. Enter (dial) the following code *123#.
  3. Select the bottom menu, namely INFO.
  4. Continue by selecting the “My XL Card Info” menu.
  5. Select the package you want to check the quota for.
  6. Wait for the process to run and information about the remaining quota will be displayed on the cellphone screen.

Notes: In process number 5, you will be given a list of packages used. That is, if at the same time you use more than one package (unlimited turbo, combo lite, priority DLL), then all of them will be displayed in the process.

3. Using the Website

Although rarely used, check the remaining XL quota with the website or the official website of PT. XL Axiata should also be known. Maybe one day it can be of use to you when others are having trouble. The method is easy, but you must be connected to an internet connection.

  1. Open the browser application on your cellphone or PC, then visit https://my.xl.co.id.
  2. Before going any further, change the site display to Indonesian by selecting the option “I speak Indonesian“.
  3. Press or click “continue“.
  4. Login by clicking “Sign in with XL Number“.
  5. Enter the XL number you want to check the remaining quota for.
  6. Enter the OTP (verification) code sent to the number.
  7. Please see the remaining quota on the main menu that is displayed.

4. With the MyXL app

After discussing about checking XL quota without an application. It’s time for us to move on to the next method, which is using the application. There is only one official application from PT XL Axiata, namely MyXL. This means, apart from the application, you should not use it as much as possible.

  1. Take an Android phone and open the Google Playstore.
  2. Install the MyXL app. To be faster, use the search feature in the Playstore.
  3. Open the application if it is already installed on the phone, then select the option “Sign in with XL Number“.
  4. Enter the number you want to check the quota for, then click “continue“.
  5. Enter the verification code (OTP) sent to the number, then click “continue” again.
  6. If you have successfully entered, the remaining quota and other information regarding the card number are listed on the main page.


All of the above methods are very easy and can be done by anyone. However, the most effective way to check XL Quota is using a dial code and via SMS. The reason is, you don’t need an internet connection, or be connected to any network to do it. Unlike the way you use websites and applications, you have to use a data quota or a Wi-Fi network.