5 Amazing Lake Destinations in Nepal, Surrounded by Mountains!

Nepal’s natural beauty has invited many tourists from all over the world to visit this country located in the southern Asian region. One of the most popular natural tourist destinations in Nepal is the charm of its lakes which have spectacular views. Most of these lakes are located in highland areas with access that is quite difficult to reach.

Very suitable to be used as a path trekking for you nature lovers. Here are five stunning lake destinations in Nepal.

1. Lake Rara

5 Amazing Lake Destinations in Nepal, Surrounded by Mountains!Rara Lake (instagram.com/visualizenepal)

The Himalayan region is known to have many amazing lakes, but Rara lake is the deepest. Reported Holidays to Nepal, Lake Rara is located at an altitude of 2,990 meters above sea level and has a water area of ​​10.8 square kilometers. In this lake, there are only three species of fish that can be caught by visitors.

The location of Lake Rara is included in the Rara National Park area which is surrounded by many pine and cypress trees as well as various other types of wild plants. In fact, some of the flowers that live around this lake are rare flower species.

2. Lake Phewa

5 Amazing Lake Destinations in Nepal, Surrounded by Mountains!Phewa Lake (instagram.com/naturenepal_)

Phewa Lake is the second largest lake in Nepal and is located in the Phokara valley. This place is the most famous tourist destination among foreign tourists visiting Nepal. One of the favorite activities that are often done by tourists is to go around the lake by boat while enjoying the stunning natural scenery around it.

In addition, Lake Phewa is considered a sacred place by local people who often perform various rituals. Near this lake there are many temples and historical buildings.

3. Shey Phoksundo Danau Lake

5 Amazing Lake Destinations in Nepal, Surrounded by Mountains!Shey Phoksundo Lake (instagram.com/whygo.nepal)

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The location of the Shey Phoksundo lake which is at an altitude of 3,611 meters above sea level. This is what makes it a path trekking interesting in the country of Nepal, especially for nature lovers.

Lake Shey Phoksundo is an oliogotrophic lake with a depth of up to 145 meters. This place is surrounded by towering mountains so that it presents a spectacular panorama. While the best time to visit this lake is from March to May.

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4. Lake Gokyo

5 Amazing Lake Destinations in Nepal, Surrounded by Mountains!Gokyo Lake (instagram.com/dawaley_)

Lake Gokyo is included in the list of the most beautiful lakes in the world. This destination is surrounded by snowy mountains that make the air feel frozen. Wow, perfect for those of you who like holidays in winter, here.

Reported Travel Triangle, Lake Gokyo is located in the Solukhumbu area at an altitude of 4,690 meters above sea level. Every year, Gokyo Lake is visited by thousands of foreign tourists who want to enjoy its natural beauty. However, visitors should not swim in this lake because the water is very cold like ice.

5. Lake Tilicho

5 Amazing Lake Destinations in Nepal, Surrounded by Mountains!Lake Tilicho (instagram.com/day_dreamerslife)

Many people think that the beauty of Lake Tilicho makes you feel like you are in heaven. This is because Lake Tilicho is at an altitude of 4,919 meters above sea level. The location that makes this place is often shrouded by thick clouds.

Located in the Manang region, Lake Tilicho stretches for 1.2 kilometers where the surface of the water looks shimmering due to the direct reflection of the sun’s rays. The remote location of Tilicho lake can only be reached by foot which takes about two days to travel.

Well, those are some amazing lake tourist destinations in the Nepal region. Make sure you visit the lakes at the right time so that the weather climate is more friendly.

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