5 Artists Who Played Mathematical Geniuses in Dramas

Not only romance stories, Korean dramas also present stories of geniuses in the field of mathematics. Hearing the word math may already be very scary for most people, but not for those who do expert in the field.

A number of Korean artists and actors have also taken up the challenge of playing a mathematical genius character in the drama. Even when you watch it, you may be amazed by their characters. Who are the Korean artists who have played the mathematical genius character? Let’s find out five of them below.

1. Nam Joo Hyuk

5 Artists Who Played Math Genius Characters in Dramas, Amazing!Nam Joo Hyuk in the drama Start-Up (program.tving.com)

Start-up never went viral because the story is arguably new compared to other dramas. This drama carries a story about the journey of young people in building technology-based start-ups.

One of the characters is Nam Do San, played by Nam Joo Hyuk. Nam Do San has been named as the young genius who won the math olympiad grand prix. He used this ability to build Samsan Tech with his two friends.

2. Lee Do Hyun

5 Artists Who Played Math Genius Characters in Dramas, Amazing!Lee Do Hyun as Baek Sung Yoo in the drama Melancholia (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Melancholia be a witness to Lee Do Hyun’s drama where he plays a math genius who has deep trauma. The trauma was caused by the childhood experience of Baek Seung Yoo (Lee Do Hyun) when he won the international mathematics olympiad.

In high school, Seung Yoo was ranked at the bottom because he didn’t want to stand out from other students. The new teacher at his school realizes that Seung Yoo is hiding this ability. He finally helped Seung Yoo to return to studying mathematics and won the math championship again.

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3. Im Soo Jung

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5 Artists Who Played Math Genius Characters in Dramas, Amazing!Im Soo Jung in the drama Melancholia (instagram.com/soojunglim_)

Im Soo Jung plays Ji Yoon Su, the new math teacher in the drama Melancholia. He is described as a teacher figure who open minded on the abilities of their students and not forcing them to be smart in mathematics alone. Yoon Su even gave advice on mathematics when he was a teacher.

Ji Yoon Su is Baek Seung Yoo’s (Lee Do Hyun) mentor who managed to make him rise from the adversity of past trauma. As an exemplary math teacher, Yoon Su gave Seung Yoo a lot of inspiration to want to go back to studying math. Yoon Su’s efforts paid off with Seung Yoo’s victory at the Olympics.

4. Kim Jae Wook

5 Artists Who Played Math Genius Characters in Dramas, Amazing!Kim Jae Wook in the drama Crazy Love. (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

Crazy Love is a drama that tells the story of two people who are involved in a contract marriage to save the two main characters. Male lead In this drama, Kim Jae Wook plays Noh Go Jin, the CEO of a digital education company called GOTOP Education.

He is described as the best mathematics teacher in South Korea. He is also a genius, but very arrogant. Because of this ability, Go Jin often underestimates other people. Even so, his figure is very idolized.

5. Kim Seon Ho

5 Artists Who Played Math Genius Characters in Dramas, Amazing!Kim Seon Ho in the drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (instagram.com/tvn_drama)

Finally, there is Hong Du Sik, played by Kim Seon Ho in the drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. To ordinary people, Hong Du Sik is like a normal youth because he doesn’t work in a professional field.

But who would have thought, if the figure of Hong Du Sik is actually a graduate of the most prestigious campus, namely Seoul National University. He was also a genius in mathematics and when he graduated from college he was accepted into a securities company.

Smart or not a person can not be measured by his mathematical ability because everyone has their own expertise. If you have above average math skills like the characters played by the five artists above, then this is a special gift for you.

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