5 Best Free Zuma Games Android 2019 + Review

The Zuma game has become a game that is known by various generations in Indonesia. From school children to working adults, everyone knows this game. You can also play this Zuma game on various platforms, from your Android phone to your favorite PC. With a simple way of playing, you can play this game online and for free.

As a game that is quite popular, the free Zuma game is being hunted by many game lovers to fill their spare time. There are various games that you can play, one of which is the Zuma Deluxe game.

List of Best Free Zuma Games 2019

Zuma games for the Android cellphone platform are in great demand. Even this one game is often an escape to fill spare time. It’s so easy, there are even many articles that mention that the Zuma game is almost everyone’s favorite game. What’s the list of the best games?

Zumbla Classic Games

zumbla classic

Although the gameplay is almost the same, there is a slight difference compared to the Zuma Deluxe Game. Zuma Classic fires marble at rows of colored marbles to eliminate them in firing position. You have to be careful to make a match with 3 marbles of the same color. This game made by Group Studios has almost 1 million lovers of this game.

Zumu Games 2019

zumu 2019

This Zuma game belongs to the category of puzzle games. Zumu 2019 also has many levels because more than 100 levels are available and ready to be played. The gameplay is unique and one of the best. When you play this game, you are usually given instructions in the form of the color of the ball that you have to shoot. Each button has a different function. You can feel the fun of playing this game by using all the facilities provided. During the game, you will feel that each level has a different movement speed.

Zuma Online Game Marble Legends

zuma marble legends

Marble Legends is a classic game that is very addictive and also fun, the goal of this game is to eliminate all the marbles but don’t let the marble chain reach the end. Marble Legends is one of the best zuma games to fill your free time. The rules in this game, you are not allowed to allow colored balls to enter the hole that emits a red arrow as shown above. This game is suitable for those of you who are busy with work or to relieve fatigue.

Game Marble Smash: Match 3

Marble Smash Match 3 Game

This Zuma game is a game made by Funny Studio that brings more combos, to get extra bonus points by completing all levels. This game also becomes more challenging because it requires carefulness when shooting or shooting to match three or more colored marbles. Including games that are easy to play by all ages but still professionally designed on the provided map. There are many secret levels in this Game that you can enjoy.

Zuma Deluxe Game Review

An arcade game made by Gamehouse which was launched in 2003 and developed by Pop Cap Games. Included in the type of puzzle game, where you as a player assume the role of a stone frog from ancient Zuma who must explore each ancient temple consisting of 12 passages/levels. The way to play is that you have to shoot the ball by clicking the mouse at the ball of the same color on at least 2 balls of the same color moving forward towards the golden skull hole. The closer the collection of balls to the skull, the larger the skull hole will open.

zuma deluxe review

This game has its own fun at each level of the game so that it will create exciting challenges to explore each level of the game. Zuma is also quite popular because it is easy to play from children to adults. Although easy to play, it turns out that the Zuma game can train accuracy and speed in matching the color of the ball, you know. The tense sound effects make this game even more fun to play.

Unfortunately, the map of this game is less varied in each level. Maybe you will be a little bored even though the difficulty level increases. Players who have just started playing this game will feel confused and dizzy following the flow of the balls that are running more and more, especially if the plot is already circular.