5 Best PS1 Games Legendary Adventure Genre

The best PS1 games – Who doesn’t know the Playstation 1 aka PS1. For those of you who are adults in the 1990s generation in Indonesia, you will certainly experience the PS1’s popularity. Stepping into the 2000s, there were lots of PS rentals spread across various regions in Indonesia. Maybe for some of the generations who lived and grew up in the era when the PS1 was popular, they would feel an irreplaceable longing until now.

PS1 games have many genres that can be played. One of them is an adventure PS1 game that is fun to play. Many legendary PS1 games were hailed at that time and the phenomenon was very big in Indonesia. What are the best PS1 adventure games that were popular at that time?

best ps1 games adventure

List of Best PS1 Games

There are many genres in PS1 adventure games that can be played. However, if you want to play PS1 games, there are 5 best PS1 adventure games. By playing this game, you can feel like returning to the heyday of PS1 you know!

1. Final Fantasy 7 PS1 Games

Final fantasy 7 best ps1 games

The first candidate to enter the best adventure game, Final Fantasy 7. This game tells the story of Cloud Strife’s journey to save the world from Sephirot. Indeed, how does this Sefirot play a role in the Final Fantasy 7 game? So, Sephirot tried to destroy the world with his meteor. In this game there are also several other iconic characters that you can play such as Tifa Lockhart, Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine. Final Fantasy 7 is one of the adventure games that is quite long and can even take a long time. Even so, this game is one of the best in the entire Final Fantasy game series.

2. Silent Hill PS1 Game

best ps1 games silent hill

One of the next best PS1 games is Silent Hill. This best PS1 adventure game returns the horror-survival impression that Konami had previously done through Resident Evil. Silent Hill PS1 conceptualizes a sense of anxiety and fear for you as a player. Impressions such as a deserted city, monsters, white fog that closes along the way, to the sound of sirens make this game like a nightmare that makes your hair stand on end. Even though the visuals at that time were not as great as now, Silent Hill was able to present horror from the start of the game.

3. Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2 best ps1 games

This is one of the best PS1 games for the adventure genre, Resident Evil 2 from Konami. Who doesn’t know this game? Because of its popularity, even today’s generation still knows about the emergence of this game. Even though when compared to the current visual graphics, of course, it will lose, but in its time this PS1 adventure game was so fantastic. There are several things that make it so special, starting from the taste of the action which is still relatively balanced, Resident Evil 2 also presents a more complex story. Each character has a different story scenario that carries its own path, key item and storyline.

4. PS1 Game Dino Crisis 2

best ps1 games dino crisis 2

The next best PS1 game is Dino Crisis 2 which is a survival-horror game. Although there is an impression of horror, Dino Crisis 2 takes a different path, namely about the world of dinosaurs that has been transformed into darkness. Even from the beginning of the game, Dino Crisis 2 has come with that dark impression, although it doesn’t take away the taste of action that makes this game one of the most yearned for franchises to return. Heavy weapons, giant bloodthirsty dinosaurs and gameplay that continues to encourage you to collect lots of points to support the game.

5. Tomb Rider 2

tomb rider best ps1 game

You could say the PS1 version of Tomb Rider is the originator of the more realistic 3D game until now. Even though when it was first introduced, the makers were still young and there has never been a game that has adopted a story like Tomb Rider. This best PS1 game is growing and culminating in Tomb Rider 2 because in terms of story, characters and visuals are getting more perfect. The developers of this game learned a lot from their first generation so that when they launched Tomb Rider 2, it was slicker and even felt more developed and bigger than the previous generation.

What’s the Best PS1 Game for the Adventure Genre, Buddy?s version?

legendary best ps1 games

So, after discussing the five best PS1 games above, which games deserve the title of the best PS1 adventure games? According to Buddygame, Resident Evil and Silent Hill can carry that title. Why? In terms of storylines, characters and visuals in their time, they were both arguably number one. Considering the two games were so well-done, they were even adapted into films, you know. In terms of the complexity of the story and the visuals that were quite stunning at the time, making the game known and remembered until now. Read: Best PS4 Game Recommendations.