5 BTS Songs That Give You Life Motivation

In general, a song can tell several things. Like the bitterness of love life, the cruel reality of life, you can even find food. Like BTS, which also has a number of songs that make you motivated to live well.

So, what are the BTS songs that tell and motivate you to live well? Dafunda has selected five of them for us to present in the following list. Immediately, here are the lists.

BTS Songs Life Motivation

1. Spring Day

Spring Day become the top song BTS has damage big about how much relate its this song into everyone’s life. Basically, this song is an expression of someone who misses the past, especially their memories with their friends.

But instead of always imagining this, BTS asks you to keep moving forward. And always believe that a bright day will come after the dark night.

2. No More Dream

As teenagers going through puberty, they often have a number of things to gain recognition. They were also asked to follow someone who was considered to have a good example.

But for BTS, puberty is a time when they have to find and affirm their dreams. And still be yourself without any coercion from anyone. uniquely, No More Dream this is also their debut song in the Kpop industry almost 10 years ago, you know!

3. Dope

As the saying goes, hard work pays off. If you have a desire for something, you will definitely try to achieve that desire. Like BTS did in the concept of this song.

They wear the costumes of office workers. The highly energetic choreographed dance is like describing passion they have in achieving success. Rather than continue to be lazy, their dreams will not be achieved if they continue like that.

4. Interlude: Wings

Connect song Dope, this song like this has a strong connection with the song that was previously released in 2014. This song illustrates the fears and doubts you feel along the way. If Dope is an invitation to keep working hard, Interlude: Wings is a common feeling that humans feel when they are in the middle of the process towards their success.

But towards the end, BTS advised that if you continue to make maximum sacrifices and efforts, your dreams will quickly come true. Wings in the title of this song is a picture of those who finally succeeded in achieving that dream and their status as humans was raised.

5. Life Goes On

The COVID-19 pandemic that has continued to fluctuate in recent years gives humans a question, when will all of this end. But instead of dwelling on that, Life Goes On from BTS actually invites you to stay easy going even if the situation is not favorable.

Whatever happens, life goes on even in situations and circumstances that you don’t want.

Those were five recommendations for BTS songs whose lyrics are full of life motivation. Of the five songs, which one is your favourite?