5 Cars for Homecoming Eid with Family

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The long time off and coincides with the school holidays makes most families will certainly take advantage of this moment to go home as well as vacation.

Because according to the government’s prediction, going home using private vehicles will increase and even dominate the Lebaran homecoming flow this year. Therefore, for those of you who want to go home with your family, here are 5 recommendations: Eid homecoming car comfortable with family.

1. Toyota Avanza

5 Cars for Homecoming Eid with Familytoyota

Eid homecoming car the first is the Toyota Avanza. This car has become an idol for families in Indonesia. The Avanza has even become one of the best-selling cars in the Indonesian automotive market. There are several reasons why Avanza is the choice. First, this MPV type car has a capacity of up to 7 passengers. So it can carry many family members. Avanza also has a One Touch Tumble which makes it easier and more practical for you to adjust the comfort of the seat position.

The seats are designed to be more comfortable for relaxation during long trips. There is also the flexibility of arranging 3rd row seats (50:50 folding) for passengers or goods. The silence of the cabin that makes driving comfortable. As well as adjustments to the MacPherson Strut suspension system and rear suspension with coil springs that increase stability and comfort.

No less important is comfort, namely the Avanza is equipped with a Dual VVT-i Engine so that it presents fuel efficient engine performance that is more powerful and tough. Avanza is also equipped with several security features such as side-impact beam, key immobilizer, SRS Airbag and other safety features.

2. Daihatsu Xenia

5 Cars for Homecoming Eid with FamilyXenia

Homecoming car Eid the second is Xenia. Xenia can also be your choice to go home with your family. Just like the Avanza, Xenia also has a capacity of 7 passengers. On the side of the cabin, it looks equipped with a luxurious design plus modern head unit features that make the Xenia look even more elegant. Xenia also presents 3rd 50:50 full folding with a third row seat so that it can be used for passengers or goods.

In addition to the capacity, the Xenia is also claimed to be one of the economical family cars because it carries dual VVT-i. Therefore, this car is suitable for those of you who are going home for Eid with long routes.

For the safety of passengers, Xenia has been equipped with new safety features for all passengers. There are two airbags to locks that are safer from the risk of theft.

3. Honda Mobilio

5 Cars for Homecoming Eid with FamilyHonda

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Honda also has a car that is suitable for families and can be used for homecoming, namely the Honda Mobilio. This car comes with a modern design, spacious cabin, excellent performance and fuel efficiency for driving comfort for the whole family. Mobilio is equipped with a vision stability assist so that it remains stable when driving during homecoming.

In the kitchen runway, Mobilio is equipped with a 1.5 L i-VTEC Engine so that it provides tough performance to save fuel. New Mobilio has even passed the EURO-2 emission standard test by the Indonesian government and meets the EURO-4 requirements.

In terms of comfort, Mobilio is no less comfortable with Avanza and Xenia. This car also has a large capacity because it has three rows of seats. As well as complete security features that support your comfort in going home for Eid this year.

4. Toyota Innova

5 Cars for Homecoming Eid with FamilyToyota

Eid homecoming car the next one is Innova. From the design of this car is very suitable for homecoming. It has three seats and the third row can be used for passengers or goods, making the Innova’s capacity large enough to transport a family, including items for Lebaran homecoming.

With a capital of gasoline, the Innova has a maximum power of up to 139 ps / 5600 rpm with a maximum torque of 18.7 kgm / 4000 rpm. In addition, the Innova is also equipped with dual VVT-i which is claimed to make the Innova’s performance more resilient with increasingly efficient fuel.

In terms of safety and comfort, Innova is equipped with a variety of security features for all passengers. Innova also comes with a spacious cabin so it is very suitable for driving with long distances.

5. Mitsubishi Xpander

5 Cars for Homecoming Eid with FamilyMitsubishi

MPV cars are indeed very suitable for Lebaran homecoming because they have a large capacity, comfort and fuel economy. Mitsubishi also has the Xpander which is the target of families in Indonesia because it has a large capacity with 3 rows of seats and can carry 7 passengers.

In addition, the second row of seats has wide armrests so that long trips are even more comfortable. Not only that, the Xpander also has a multipurpose drawer under the seat.

The Xpander presents a modern design and a solid body that gives the impression of a classy family car. In addition, the rear door of the Xpander has been designed to suit the average height of Indonesians. You won’t have any trouble getting your stuff out of the trunk.

In the kitchen runway, the Xpander is equipped with a 1.5L MIVEC DOHC 16-Valve engine so that it provides the best experience in various fields because the Xpander is also equipped with a sophisticated suspension with shock-absorbing valves. This will provide comfort for you and your family during Lebaran homecoming.

Well, that’s 5 Eid homecoming car which can be a recommendation for you to go home with your family. Happy homecoming and holidays, I hope you have a pleasant trip.

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