5 Differences Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression, Similar But Not The Same

Suara.com – The condition of a mother after giving birth is indeed a special condition that needs to be addressed appropriately. Starting from the baby blues to postpartum depression, it must be recognized properly, so that mothers can recover quickly and return to their activities. But what is the difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression? Aren’t both the same thing?

Actually there is a difference between baby blues and postpartum depression, because they are not the same. In more detail, you can see the difference below.

In terms of symptoms

First, it can be seen from the symptoms. The baby blues are characterized by significant emotional changes after giving birth. Moodswing that occurs, feelings of sadness, forgetfulness, sensitivity, and stress, are the most common signs.

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While postpartum depression is indicated by more serious symptoms, such as loss of appetite or overeating, difficulty sleeping or oversleeping, and persistent fatigue.

Duration of Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

The difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression is in terms of how long a mother experiences it. The baby blues tend to last for a short time, over days or weeks. But for postpartum depression, mothers can experience it for several months.

Illustration of postpartum depression. (Shutterstock)


Baby blues, viewed from various sides, have a lighter degree of severity. Although it cannot then be underestimated, when compared to postpartum depression, the severity is not much because the mother can still take care of the child.

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In the event of postpartum depression, the mother’s ability to care for children is really impaired, so it will have a worse effect. Psychological disorders affect the physical, and make a mother really need help.

The Trigger of These Two Things

In the baby blues, the main causes that trigger its appearance are psychological and physiological factors. This is why, within a short time after adaptation, mothers can recover.

In contrast to depression experienced after childbirth, which is mostly caused by psychosocial factors. Not only from within the mother herself, but also from the social environment around her.

When does it appear?

When viewed from the time of appearance, the baby blues tend to appear within a short time after giving birth, between 2 to 3 days. However, depression experienced by mothers will appear in the second or third month after giving birth.

Of course, both of them need professional assistance and help in order to recover quickly. But by knowing the difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression, hopefully it will be easier for you to recognize them, and determine the right steps to deal with them.