5 Dramas and Movies Starring Won Ji An

Newcomer actress Won Ji An successfully stole the public’s attention after showing her acting skills in the drama DP (2021). Even though he just debuted through the popular drama, Won Ji An managed to receive a lot of support and love from the public. KDrama fans are even looking forward to his various acting projects in the future.

Even though he is only entering his second year in the acting world, Won Ji An has been busy with various new drama shoots. Unmitigated, this 22-year-old actress is even trusted to play the role of role play throughout his upcoming dramas.

What dramas and films have Won Ji An starred in? Come on, find out below. keep reading!

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1. DP (2021)


Won Ji An makes his debut through drama DP which aired on August 27, 2021 ago as guest role. He plays the character of Mun Yeong Ok, the girlfriend of Jung Hyun Min (Lee Jun Young). In this action, military, and comedy genre drama, Won Ji An only appears in the third episode.

Drama adapted from Webtoon titled “DP Dog DayKim Bo Tong’s work tells the story of a soldier who is caught in a complicated situation. He is given the task of capturing military defectors. DP itself is an acronym for Deserter Pursuitan Army unit tasked with tracking down soldiers who renege on their duties.

2. A Year-End Medley (2021)


After his acting debut in dramas, Won Ji An further spread his wings by starring in his first film titled A Year-End Medley. He plays Im Ah Young and co-stars with Han Ji Min (So Jin), Kim Young Kwang (Seung Hyo), Go Sung Hee (Young Joo), Lee Dong Wook (Yong Jin), Won Jin Ah (Lee Young), Kang Ha Neul (Jae Yong), Im Yoon Ah (Soo Yeon), Lee Hye Young (Katherine), Jung Jin Young (Sang Gyu), Seo Kang Joon (Lee Kang, Lee Kwang Soo (Sang Hoon), Lee Jin Wook ( Jin Ho), and Joo Joon Young (Park Se Jik) who are all role play.

This romantic and melodrama genre film tells a story located at the Emross hotel about loneliness, sadness, happiness, and romantic stories from various employees and guests with different backgrounds.

A Year-End Medley can be seen since December 29, 2021 ago.

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3. A Year-End Medley: Extended Version (2022)

5 Dramas and Movies Starring Won Ji An, Ready to Comeback This Month drama poster A Year-End Medley: Extended Version (mydramalist.com)

A Year-End Medley: Extended Version is the long version of the film A Year-End Medley which is packaged in the form of a drama as many as six episodes. Won Ji An returns to play the same character as Im Ah Young.

The drama, which has been watched since January 26, 2022, still tells stories of employees and guests of the Emross hotel. However, the stories of the characters in it are presented in more detail than the film version.

4. Tell Me Your Wish (2022)

5 Dramas and Movies Starring Won Ji An, Ready to Comeback This Month line up drama Tell Me Your Wish (mydramalist.com)

Won Ji An is again believed to be role play in the drama titled Tell Me Your Wish by playing the role of Ha Joon Kyung. In this medical genre drama, he has co-stars namely Ji Chang Wook (Yoon Gye Ree), Choi Soo Young (Seo Yeon Joo), and Sung Dong Il (Kang Tae Shik).

Tell Me Your Wish is a drama inspired by an organization in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of terminal cancer patients. The drama, which is expected to air this year, tells of Yoon Gye Ree’s very difficult life since childhood. He lived in an orphanage and spent his life in juvenile detention centers to prisons. One day, he started volunteering at a hospital and slowly his life changed.

5. Juvenile Delinquency (2022)

5 Dramas and Movies Starring Won Ji An, Ready to Comeback This Month Won Jin An, Yoon Chan Young, and Yoon Hyun Soo (soompi.com)

Newest, Won Ji An coming soon comeback through the upcoming drama titled Juvenile Delinquency as role play and played the character of Kyung Da Jung. This 1999-born actress will compete acting with Yoon Chan Young (Gong Yoon Tak), Yoon Hyun Soo (Gong Yoon Jae), Han Se Jin (Kim Gook Hee), and Yang Seo Hyun (Hong Ae Ran).

Juvenile Delinquency tells the story of Kyung Da Jung, an 18-year-old teenager who finds a marijuana field as a teenager and is used by his parents to transport drugs. On the way, he meets Gong Yoon Tak, a man from the countryside. This noir and romance drama shows a story about growing up and experiencing love as well as pain.

Juvenile Delinquency is scheduled to air on March 25 and is rumored to have a second season.

Well, those are the five dramas and films that Won Ji An has starred in throughout his career as an actress. Even though she’s still an actress rookie, Won Ji An managed to show his outstanding acting skills. Best of luck to Won Ji An!

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