5 Easy Corn Puff Pastry Creations in an Instant

Combination between puff pastry and corn are two important ingredients that can produce a variety of delicious and filling dishes. Therefore, it is not surprising that the combination of these ingredients is often found in various types of exciting and delicious dishes.

In addition to having a good taste, processing these two ingredients is also very possible to be cooked in a short time, making it easier for those of you who have it free time all limited. Well, look at the five processed various processed inspirations referred to below, come on!

1. Pastry skin filled with stir-fried corn

5 Easy Corn Puff Pastry Creations in the Twinkling of an Eyeillustration of sauteed corn stuffed pastry (pixabay.com/chakarit)

The first dish that doesn’t go unnoticed is the skin pastries stir-fry corn. This dish is so practical to eat as a regular snack or a daily lunch idea so that you are always full when you are outside.

The processing is also quite simple because you only need to prepare shelled corn that has been separated from the cob, then add various seasonings. After that prepare the pastry shell, put the filling and bake for a few minutes.

2. Zuppa Corn Soup

5 Easy Corn Puff Pastry Creations in the Twinkling of an Eyezuppa corn soup illustration (Yummy/Silmy Rohmaniah)

This one food is also no less popular in the culinary industry, especially in Indonesia. This snack that has an interesting shape tastes so tempting to the tongue. No wonder the fans are getting more and more.

Processed zuppa soup itself consists of thick soup which will be completed with a pastry skin on top so that there will be an interesting combination of flavors and crunchy textures that complete the dish. You can also maximize this one snack using corn as a filling, you know!

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3. Corn Curry Puffs

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5 Easy Corn Puff Pastry Creations in the Twinkling of an Eyecorn curry puff illustration (pixabay.com/Jaonun)

Karipap is one of the dishes that is quite well known in the typical snacks of Malaysia to Singapore. These foods have a skin that tends to be similar to pastels, however, they are often swirled around to create interesting layers.

The filling can be combined using any raw materials that have been mixed with the curry mixture. Here you can use corn as a substitute, yes! This food creation will taste different while offering a sweet sensation in it.

4. Corn chicken turnover

5 Easy Corn Puff Pastry Creations in the Twinkling of an Eyecorn chicken turnover illustration (pixabay.com/Nayuta)

This dish is named turnover corn chicken. The name of this snack refers to the triangular shape of the skin with various fillings, both sweet and salty fillings.

You can use a mixture of corn flakes and shredded chicken that has been seasoned and cooked together. Then, put it in the pastry shell. Bake or fry for a few minutes until the surface turns brown and crispy.

5. Corn sweet roll

5 Easy Corn Puff Pastry Creations in the Twinkling of an Eyesweet roll corn illustration (pixabay.com/Lebensmittelfotos)

The last one is corn sweet roll. As the name suggests, this dish refers to a dish that is rolled up, however, the taste itself is not made to be very legit, but remains savory and accompanied by a slightly sweet sensation thanks to the use of the corn itself.

The pastry skin used is just extended and smeared with butter. Then, add processed corn in it, then roll it up neatly. After cutting, you can immediately prepare the grill to cook the dish.

Combination between pastries and corn is one of the dishes that must be tasted. So, among the five snack inspirations above, which one do you like the most to make daily?

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