5 Egg Meatball Dishes for Simple Cooking Ideas

Meatballs are one of the Indonesian people’s favorite snacks made using minced meat and a mixture of flour. The resulting elasticity is able to amaze many tongues, including even children.

Meatballs can also be combined with economical ingredients such as eggs to produce a different dish. In fact, its appearance can be more attractive because of the following five innovations.

1. Egg gravy meatballs

5 Appetizing Egg Meatball Dishes, There's No Opponent!illustration of egg meatball soup (pixabay.com/Jason Goh)

It’s no secret that people love to enjoy meatball soup. Whether it’s a cart version, a tent, or even a well-known restaurant, they have never emptied this menu on their list. That’s because the gravy meatballs are so tempting on the tongue.

Not to mention if this meatball sauce is equipped with bean sprouts, mustard greens, various kinds of noodles, then perfected using soy sauce and chili sauce. Don’t forget to choose meatballs filled with boiled eggs to make it even more special.

2. Egg meatball pen

5 Appetizing Egg Meatball Dishes, There's No Opponent!egg ball pen illustration (pexels.com/SartenPorElMango)

Pentol is a variation of meatballs with the addition of flour that tends to be more. This dish also has a mini form, so it is often sold at a lower price.

Even so, pentol is no less delicious to include in today’s snack inspiration. Mainly because of the variety of flavors, such as the filling of quail eggs which makes it savory.

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3. Fried egg meatballs

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5 Appetizing Egg Meatball Dishes, There's No Opponent!fried egg meatball illustration (pixabay.com/RitaE)

Well, specifically for this one dish, you will often find it in various places to eat. Servings tend to be simple, but very tasty and can be eaten as a hunger booster.

Different from some previous preparations, this dish will be made using two main ingredients. The first is ready-to-use beef meatballs. Second, the egg mixture that will be fried together.

4. Scrambled Egg Meatballs

5 Appetizing Egg Meatball Dishes, There's No Opponent!scrambled egg meatball illustration (pixabay.com/Ina Burkardt)

For those of you who are thinking about looking for processed ideas for daily meals and lunch ideas, then these scrambled meatball eggs are a solution that doesn’t need to be rejected.

As the name suggests, you need some beaten eggs with the leaves and seasonings. To make it more crowded, add sliced ​​​​meatballs and tomatoes to add to the taste of nampol in cooking.

5. Quail egg meatball soup

5 Appetizing Egg Meatball Dishes, There's No Opponent!soup illustration (pixabay.com/婷芝 )

The last option, the dish is perfect for cooking when the weather outside is cold. Can be eaten directly or consumed with warm white rice, so that it kicks full.

Meatballs filled with boiled chicken or quail eggs can be cooked with pieces of potatoes, carrots, celery, and spring onions. The broth needs to be added to make it more savory.

Various preparations with a mixture of egg balls can be a filling meal idea. In fact, some of them are very suitable to be served as lunch. Come on, try to make one of them at home.

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