5 European Meat Soup Dishes, The Broth Spoils the Tongue

One way to enjoy meat that is quite easy is to process it into soup, be it chicken, mutton, or beef. Soup that is processed properly and properly will usually produce meat that is tender and rich in taste. One of the advantages of this dish is that you can combine it with various other side dishes, such as white rice, salad, breadsticks, sandwichand much more.

In Europe, many countries have their own processed meat soup. From the meatball soup that creamy greek origin, youvarlakiato Hungarian spiced beef stew, goulash. Everything is summarized below.

1. Youvarlakia (Greece)

5 European Meat Soup Dishes, The Broth Spoils the Tongueyouvarlakia illustration (instagram.com/deliciouslyclever)

Youvarlakia or also known as giouvarlakia is a typical Greek meatball soup consisting of meatballs and broth. The meatballs used are made of ground beef, basmati rice, red and white onions, salt and pepper, olive oil, and parsley. Meanwhile, the broth is made from a mixture of chicken stock that has been seasoned and then mixed with avgolemonoor a sauce made from egg yolks, lemon juice, and broth that is heated until thick.

This dish from the Mediterranean region is known for its rich broth and creamy, as well as the soft texture of the meatballs. In its home country, this soup is usually served during winter, with artisan bread and feta cheese on the side.

2. Kharcho (Georgia)

5 European Meat Soup Dishes, The Broth Spoils the Tongueillustration of kharcho (instagram.com/oliahercules)

Kharcho is a typical Georgian soup in which beef, rice and walnuts are the main ingredients. This soup has a rich aroma and rich taste because it is cooked with plum sauce tkemali and traditional Georgian spices called khmeli suneli. The spices in question include: fenugreek blue, marigold petals, basil, parsley, fennel, coriander, bay leaf, and red bell pepper.

In Georgia, this soup is very popular, and usually every household has its own recipe. Kharcho very suitable served with a piece of dry bread and fresh herbs as a garnish.

3. Sodd (Norway)

5 European Meat Soup Dishes, The Broth Spoils the Tonguesodd illustration (instagram.com/wyrd_leather_and_mead)

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Lamb is a common food ingredient in Norway. It’s no wonder that many of the country’s specialties are made from lamb. Well, one of those dishes is soddNorwegian lamb stew.

In addition to lamb, other ingredients needed to make this dish are carrots, potatoes, seasoned broth, and meatballs made from lamb or beef. This dish is usually served on special occasions, such as weddings, which is traditionally served with Norwegian flatbread or ginger ale.

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4. Húsleves (Hungary)

5 European Meat Soup Dishes, The Broth Spoils the Tonguehúsleves illustration (instagram.com/csaba_in_the_kitchen)

Húsleves is a typical Hungarian soup that is already very popular in the country. This soup basically consists of noodles, meat (beef or chicken), vegetables, and stock. Meat and vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, celery sticks, kohlarabi, and celery root are cooked together with onions, garlic, salt and pepper in boiling water to make a delicious and savory broth.

Broth that is cooked will usually be filtered and separated from the contents, to then be cooked.plating with noodles that have been cooked separately, and meat and vegetables. Although well-known for home cooking, many restaurants in Georgia also offer this dish in their menus. Diners can enjoy it as an appetizer or main course.

5. Goulash (Hungary)

5 European Meat Soup Dishes, The Broth Spoils the Tonguegoulash illustration (pixabay.com/RitaE)

Another typical Hungarian soup that worth to try is goulash. The dish which in Hungarian is called gulyás it is a classic dish that is generally enjoyed throughout the winter in Hungary. Reported Britannicathe origins of this delectable dish date back to the 9th century, when Hungarian shepherds prepared simple soups made of meat, onions and other spices for their provisions.

In addition to beef and onions, the ingredients used to make goulash today are more varied, such as peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes. Due to its thick gravy, people outside Hungary often think of this dish as stew rather than soup. A bowl of warm rice or a salad, or a piece of garlic bread are several choices of food that are suitable to be combined with goulash.

That’s the variety of meat soup that you can find in several countries in Europe. How delicious these Blue Continent special dishes look, don’t they?

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