5 Frequently Asked Questions at Exit Interview

Those of you who are considering wanting resign may have heard the term exit interviews. Although it is still rare, sometimes some companies require their employees to follow exit interview as one of the conditions resign. noware you ready to face it?

ReportedThe Interview Guysaccording to Mike Simpson, a co-founder and CEO from The Interview Guys, exit interview is generally an exchange of ideas between an employee and his or her employer when their contract has expired. Exit interview This can be done through a written survey, orally, or both. For those of you who intend resignit’s good to see the 5 most frequently asked questions when exit interview following.

1. Why do you want to leave your position?

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Exit Interviewworkplace interview illustration (pexels.com/Tina Miroshnichenko)

The company’s main purpose is to hold exit interview is so that they can develop further in the future. They need feedback from you who incidentally already have worked and experienced many things while at the company.

Therefore, answer this question honestly, but don’t be too negative. Be honest about the reasons why you want to leave this position so that the manager can also reflect on himself in case something went wrong with their actions.

2. What crucial factor made you decide to move to another job?

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Exit Interviewworkplace interview illustration (pexels.com/Edmond Dantes)

Through this question, the company wants to findknow, what your new company actually has that your old company doesn’t have. Whether it’s a higher salary, a more comfortable work environment, more flexible working hours, and so on.

Your answer can be input for the company so that it can be better for its employees. When giving feedback, make sure not to bring personal emotions into it. Tell me objectively how your experience while working, don’t take it emotions with a boss who fiercely asks for forgiveness or a manager who cares about love deadline.

3. What would you like to change about your job while you are here?

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Exit Interviewworkplace interview illustration (pexels.com/Gustavo Fring)

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Through this question, tell the company what things you don’t like about your job and want to change. You can tell the work system is not suitable for you, the workload is too much, and much more.

In addition, also tell the things that you love about your job and that you hope will continue to exist. In this way, companies can better understand what the real needs of their employees are and can better support them.

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4. What can we do to keep you here?

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Exit Interviewworkplace interview illustration (pexels.com/Christina Morillo)

At this point, the company really wants to know what things have to change to keep you in this job. But that doesn’t mean the company really wants you back. They just want know what is the most important thing so that you can say that your work environment is comfortable.

Answer this question in a professional manner. This is not your place to reveal everything strange you to a manager who always gives more work or to a boss who is always angry at the office. Even if they are no longer your boss, still show respect to them. You never know when and how you will meet them again. Don’t let you regret it later.

5. What should be done so that the company can grow?

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions at Exit Interviewworkplace interview illustration (pexels.com/Sora Shimazaki)

The company wants to know, in the future, what are your hopes for this company? Even if you don’t like it from the start and want to hurry up resign, you were a part of this company. Be sincere about what you expect from this company.

Provide input so the company can grow. Tell first what you think is good and what can be further improved in the future. That way, you and your company can both learn from your experiences while working there.

Those are the 5 most frequently asked questions during exit interview and how to answer it. Whatever causes you to want resign, maintain a good and professional relationship with your former boss. After all, we are all human, in the end we all have to keep learning to grow to be better. How? What are your preparations for resign ripe?

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