5 Hills in West Lombok, a Reference for Your Fun Vacation

Talking about Lombok, it will definitely not be separated from tourism. This is because Lombok has a variety of very diverse types of tourism. This island is famous for its beautiful beaches.

However, tourism in Lombok is not just a beach. This island also has another tourist attraction that is no less interesting, namely the hills.

There are many areas in Lombok with interesting hillside tours, such as in the West Lombok area which is no less interesting than other areas. You can use this as a reference for your vacation, you know.

1. Tembere Hill

5 Hill Tours in West Lombok, a Reference for Your Fun VacationTembere Hill (instagram.com/yung.tia)

Tembere Hill is one of the tours that is currently viral on the island of Lombok. Its location in the middle of the forest certainly makes the beautiful atmosphere very pronounced.

In addition, this tourist area is facilitated with photogenic rides. This tourist area is also equipped with various other facilities, such as berugak, culinary tours, to other rides.

This place also provides camping ground for tourists who want to stay overnight to enjoy the view from the top of the hill. To get here, you need approximately half an hour from Mataram City.

2. Idung Rock Hill

5 Hill Tours in West Lombok, a Reference for Your Fun VacationBukit Batu Idung (instagram.com/doniilham05)

Batu Idung Hill is located in the Twin Bridge Village, Sheet District. This place presents views around West Lombok Regency to Mataram City. There is a photo spot equipped with a swing. In addition, this place is equipped with several facilities, such as toilets, stalls, and gazebos.

Located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level makes this hill suitable as a place to stay soft tracking. In addition, this place can be a location for beginners who want to feel the sensation of climbing. To get here, you only need to take 40 minutes from Mataram City by vehicle.

3. Korean Hill

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5 Hill Tours in West Lombok, a Reference for Your Fun VacationKorean Hill (instagram.com/syeeeemm)

This hill is located in Dopang Village, Gunung Sari District. Its location not far from Mataram City makes this hill always crowded with visitors. From the top of the hill, you can see the beauty of Senggigi Beach. Not only that, you can see the peak of Mount Agung in Bali in the afternoon, you know!

Usually, visitors take a walk around this hill using a bicycle. However, the most exciting thing is that its derivatives are very adrenaline-pumping. You only need 10 minutes – 15 minutes to go down this hill. To get to this hill, you only need to take about 15 minutes from Mataram City.

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4. Bengkaung Hill

5 Hill Tours in West Lombok, a Reference for Your Fun Vacationinstagram.com/dewikusuma101

No less than other hill attractions, Bengkaung Hill has its own beautiful charm. Located in Bengkaung Village, Batu Layar District, Bengkaung Hill presents a beautiful view of Mataram City.

At night, you can see the sparkling city of Mataram through this hill. On this hill there are photo spots and coffee shop. To get here, you can use a vehicle with a travel time of 20 minutes from Mataram City.

5. Worm Hill

5 Hill Tours in West Lombok, a Reference for Your Fun VacationCacing Hill (instagram.com/dennydenny916)

Cacing Hill is located in Taman Sari Village, Gunung Sari District. From the top of the hill, you will be spoiled with very beautiful views. No wonder this hill is always crowded with visitors.

Located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, this hill is very suitable as a location trekking. In fact, this hill has been designated as the location tracking by the Regent of West Lombok Regency, H. Fauzan Khalid, in 2020.

Tourism in West Lombok is very diverse, one that should not be missed is the hills. Come on, visit some hill tours in West Lombok as soon as possible!

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