5 Instagramable Malang Pine Forest Tourism Destinations, HTM and Locations

In addition to the famous beach tourism in Malang, there is also a tree tour. Call the tree by the name of Pine.

In Malang, East Java, you could say there are a lot of pine tree tours.

For those of you who want to travel there, check out some of the Malang city tours that have pine trees below.

Malang Pine Forest

5 Pine Forest Tours in Malang City

Semeru Pine Forest

This pine forest which was opened in 2017 has succeeded in attracting tourists to come closer. This place is in demand by tourists, in addition to being a natural place, it also provides complete facilities.

You can play ATV here, photo spots for umbrellas, hummock, and much more. The air is also fresh, it is located at the foot of Mount Semeru. It is close to the highest mountain on the island of Java.

Ledok Ombo Puncokusumo

Actually, this one tour is more often used as a camping place than a tour that is just visited, takes photos, and then goes home.
Its popularity is still under the Semeru Pine Forest. And because of that, the atmosphere is quite quiet which makes it suitable for camping.

If the Semeru Pine Forest is one route to Mount Semeru, Ledok Ombo is instead located between the paths of Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo.

Ledok Ombo also provides several simple tree houses, which can be used as photo spots. Near the location there is also a river.

The spot is really suitable for those of you who want to camp.


Malang Pine Forest

In this one pine forest tour, there is also a nearby river. The water is very cold, cool, very fresh for bathing.

It’s quite crowded. Many visit this place for various purposes. There are those who just want to take pictures, camping, while those who hold a nature-themed event in the Bed.

It’s not hard to find a community in Bedding either. Especially the natural community. Because the place itself is very suitable for events with the concept of nature.

Coban Talun

At first it was just a waterfall. But now Coban Talun is also included in the pine forest tour. In Coban Talun, there is a wide expanse of pine trees that thrive.

There are trees that are used by local residents to take their sap. But getting here, Coban Talun tourism is developed. Now there is an inn there, for those who want to stay, the place is still comfortable to sleep.

In addition to pine trees, visitors can enjoy the waterfall as well. To reach it, it takes a few meters of walking along the trail.

Bendosari Pujon Pine Park

The tour is not far from the famous Coban Rondo location. The facilities provided in this pine forest covering an area of ​​several hectares are also quite complete.

An outbound is also provided that presents several games such as Flying Fox, V bridge, and mini trail. Hammocks are also provided.

Anyway, you have to try this one pine tree tour. Even though it is classified as a new tour, judging from the number of visitors, in fact the Pinus Bendosari Pujon Park has managed to become a ‘tourism’ for us.

Malang Pine Forest

Malang Pine Tree Tour Ticket Prices

Different tours, then different ticket prices. But you guys take it easy, the price is cheap, affordable, whether it’s for the pockets of teenagers or parents.

Very affordable!

The ticket price for the Semeru Pine Forest is 5,000. That’s the price for parking fees only. If there is no parking, the original is free.

The ticket price for Ledok Ombo Poncokusumo is also 5,000.
But this time it’s not the parking fee, but the entrance ticket.

Bedding ticket price is 25,000. This price applies to those of you who want to camp.

Coban Talun ticket price is only 7,500. Affordable, even though there we can also enjoy the waterfall.

And finally, the price for the Pinus Bendosari Pujon Park ticket is only 5,000 rupiah.
Very cheap.

Malang Pine Forest Tourism Locations

What is clear, all these pine forest tours are still in the Malang city area. For more details, here are the addresses of each of these tours.

  • Semeru Pine Forest: Sumberputih, Wajak, Malang Regency
  • Ledok Ombo Poncokusumo: Poncokusumo Village, Poncokusumo District, Malang Regency
  • Bed: Jl. Raya Selokerto, Selorejo, Dau, Malang Regency
  • Coban Talun: Wonoreko Hamlet, Tulungrejo Village, Bumiaji, Batu Tourism City
  • Bendosari Pujon Pine Park: Cukal Hamlet, Bendosari Village, Pujon District, Malang Regency

So many articles about pine forest tourism in the city of Malang. Hopefully the information matches what you’re looking for.

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