5+ Link Twibbon Harlah IPNU 68 Latest 2022

Twibbon Harlah IPNU 68

Twibbon Harlah IPNU 68 – Recently, IPNU was celebrating its 68th anniversary or harlah. Of course this activity was celebrated with great fanfare.

You can also join in the celebration online through the use of the 68th IPNU Harlah Twibbon.

What is the 68th IPNU Harlah Twibbon and how do you get this twibbon? Check out the full explanation below.

What is the 68th IPNU Harlah Twibbon?

IPNU or the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association is celebrating its 68th birthday on February 24, 2021 yesterday.

To be able to enliven the IPNU birthday event, you can try using the 68th IPNU harlah twibbon which has been made by several people at Twibbonize.com.

Why did the 68th IPNU Twibbon Harlah go viral?

The reason why this 68th IPNU harlah twibbon went viral was because it was celebrating his birthday.

Of course, many people want to participate in celebrating IPNU’s birthday this time. According to some information obtained, the theme of the 68th IPNU event this time is Student Transformation for the nation’s civilization.

In the twibbon of the 68th IPNU harlah, there is a logo of the 68th IPNU harlah which resembles a picture of a person raising both hands.

This logo has the meaning of the spirit to maintain the integrity and unity of the Indonesian nation with the principles of Pancasila.

The 68th IPNU Harlah Twibbon Link Collection

There are a lot of twibbon for the 68th IPNU that have been made by several people and collected on a website called Twibbonize.com.

You don’t have to edit your twibbon yourself. The following is a collection of links to the 68th IPNU Harlah Twibbon:

How to Use Twibbon Harlah IPNU 68

If you’ve never created a twibbon on the twibbonize website, then you’ll have a hard time using it.

For that, here is how to use the 68th IPNU harlah twibbon on Twibbonize:

  1. First, click on one of the 68th IPNU twibbon links that have been shared previously. If you want to use another twibbon, you can first search for it and open it in a browser.
  2. Select the photo that you will use in the 68th IPNU twibbon.
  3. Do photo editing according to your wishes. You can also rotate the photo if the photo is upside down.
  4. Download your 68th IPNU Harlah Twibbon photo by clicking the download button.
  5. If you want to directly share the results of the 68th IPNU twibbon to social media, click the Share menu.

Each twibbon harlah IPNU 68 provided above is accompanied by an interesting caption so that if you are going to upload it to social media you can copy the caption provided.

That’s the explanation about the 68th Twibbon Harlah IPNU that you need to know. You can choose twibbon other than the link that has been shared above if it is not to your liking. Have fun using it.