5 Most Beautiful Beach Destinations in Myanmar, Exotic Sights!

A country located in the Southeast Asian region is known for its beautiful tropical beach attractions, one of which is Myanmar. With a total coastline of 1,200 miles, Myanmar has dozens of stunning beaches that can be used as a place to spend time on vacation. In fact, some of them have provided international standard resort facilities.

Offering views of the vast expanse of sand and charming natural surroundings, these are the five best beach destinations in Myanmar.

1. Chaung Tha . Beach

5 Most Beautiful Beach Destinations in Myanmar, Exotic Sights!Chaung Tha Beach (shotwithgalaxy2020)

It takes six hours to travel from the capital Yangoon to Chaung Tha beach. Reported Traveltriangle, this beach is located in the Ayeyarwady area which is a favorite tourist destination for local residents to spend a weekend getaway. Here you will be presented with a stretch of golden sand and clear sea water.

The atmosphere at Chaung Tha beach feels more quiet and calm, giving rise to a romantic impression. This place is perfect for visiting with loved ones.

2. Nabule Beach

5 Most Beautiful Beach Destinations in Myanmar, Exotic Sights!Nabule Beach (instagram.com/loeleoans)

The beauty of Nabule beach makes it visited by many professional photographers. Its very remote location in the Dewei area makes this beach a hidden gem in the region. Nabule Beach offers a stunning natural charm for tourists. The wide expanse of sand gives you a large space to sunbathe.

Many visitors come to Nabule beach to do a pre-wedding photo shoot with a beautiful high sea background.

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3. Teyzit Beach

5 Most Beautiful Beach Destinations in Myanmar, Exotic Sights!Teyzit Beach (instagram.com/camillelaurain)

Besides being able to enjoy beautiful beach views, visitors can also observe the activities of local fishermen who are catching fish. In addition, the Teyzit beach is surrounded by green trees.

There are also large stones that can be used as a place to sit to relax while watching the sunset in the afternoon. This beach is located in the Myaukywar area with easy travel access for tourists.

4. Kabyar Wa . Beach

5 Most Beautiful Beach Destinations in Myanmar, Exotic Sights!Kabyar Wa Beach (instagram.com/haymarn_1485)

The coastal area of ​​Kabyar Wa is still under planning for infrastructure development for the tourism sector by the Myanmar government. This is because the natural potential offered by this place is very possible to attract many domestic and foreign tourists.

Reported Tripsavy, Kabyar Wa beach has a stretch of golden sand that stretches for eight miles. In addition, tourists can also enjoy a variety of local specialties at a unique restaurant made of bamboo that stands near Kabyar Wa beach.

5. Ngapali Beach

5 Most Beautiful Beach Destinations in Myanmar, Exotic Sights!Ngapali Beach (instagram.com/evasion_lointaine)

Ngapali Beach is the most popular beach in Myanmar which offers stunning natural scenery. A stretch of white sand that stretches for two miles and bright blue sea water. Resort facilities available around the beach are of international standard. There are many magnificent hotels and villas available that can be rented by tourists.

Meanwhile, the most favorite activities that are often done by visitors at Ngapali beach include swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Well, those are some of the most beautiful beach destinations in Myanmar. Having a tropical climate makes these beaches can be visited at any time.

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